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7 reasons why you need Clients & Profits Pro

1. Your shop has more than 15 people who need access the database at the same time.

2. Your media buyers want to create detailed media plans, automated media billing and don't want to track WIP by hand.

3. The CFO wants data extracted from Clients & Profits using Crystal Reports via ODBC.

4. The Controller wants 100% automated employee expense advances and reporting.

5. The Traffic Coordinator wants to produce custom reports for different clients.

6. Your CEO insists are having client-based security to keep some staffers from seeing
certain clients' jobs.

7. Your CEO wants to see client P&L reports that automatically allocate overhead expenses.

Pro or SQL?

How do you choose between C&P Pro and C&P SQL? Your decision will be based on cost, Mac support, and the availability of an experienced DBA to help you install, configure, and maintain the system. You'll find an objective, point-by-point comparison

Where to start?
The new Implementation Guide shows the steps you'll take to evaluate a new agency manage-ment system: analyzing your needs, evaluating systems, and getting the staff to approve the decision. It's everything you need to know for a smooth, stress-less upgrade.

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CLIENTS & PROFITS X IS THE MOST ADVANCED AGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. It's the only job production and accounting system designed as much for creatives as for accountants That's why job tickets, (i.e., electronic job jackets) are as important as the General Ledger.

It's not a back-office system for the accounting department. Job tickets seamlessly integrate production with accounting, so there's no troublesome, time-consuming double-entry. And Clients & Profits X can handle hundreds of open jobs at once, while your database can contain thousands.

Since it's first release in 1993, Clients & Profits X has been specifically designed to meet the needs of agencies with between 25-75 employees that need a full-service production and accounting system.

Cross-platform = Mac + Windows

Clients & Profits X is cross-platform, so the same program works on Macintosh and Windows. So your creatives can keep their Macs. And your accountants can keep their PCs.
The software includes all of features and functions found in Clients & Profits X, plus complete media planning, buying and WIP accrurals, departmental accounting, ODBC access, and a custom report writer.

Don't worry about outgrowing it, either. Your C&P X system can be upgraded to the SQL-based Clients & Profits X: Enterprise Edition without losing your invaluable client, job, and costing data -- and without retraining your staff.

So, why use Clients & Profits X?

EVERYTHING'S VISUAL, of course, because it's designed for creatives. Clients & Profits is the original mouse-based agency management software. So we know how to put a mouse to work. You can see what you need to see from any computer in the shop, whether on a Macintosh or a PC running Windows (menus and windows look and feel the same, so learning is easy).

FORGET THE JOB BOOK Now everyone can open new jobs from their computer. New jobs are numbered automatically, eliminating the job book. Job tickets are completely customizable. Generous descriptions, specifications, and notes let account executives create thorough, descriptive job tickets. To save time, routine jobs can be created from spec sheets, which contain standard options and settings that are copied to new jobs automatically. Or, a job ticket can be cloned to create a new job from the original's specifications, estimate, and schedule. Both help jobs stay consistent, especially when many people open jobs.

TRUE MULTI-USER Because Clients & Profits X is multi-user, the jobs you open are published immediately on client job lists, daily status reports, and job logs for better communication. Need to change something? It's easy. Everything about a job ticket can be changed any time-updating everyone's job reports instantly.

A GREAT LOOKING INVOICE EVERY TIME Invoices have many options that affect how billing amounts are displayed (or hidden, if needed), for flexibility. The printed invoices are customizable, so you can choose the font, margins, and how the amounts are displayed. Invoices print on letterhead or plain paper, and are designed especially for laser printers-so they look great. Invoices can be printed in batches, by date or by number, for convenience.

ADVERTISING-TUNED ACCOUNTING Clients & Profits X includes a complete, full-featured General Ledger that seamlessly combines job costing, billing, and overhead accounting. Everything is there: Purchases from A/P, billings from A/R, and cash from check writing and client payments. It's all in the same program, so there's nothing to integrate at month-end.

Everything goes where it should, automatically. Its 24 accounting periods are user-defined, and can be selectively locked and unlocked. Entries can be posted on demand, by period, or by person (letting you proof or post only your own entries). Every A/P, A/R, check, and client payment entry creates debit and credit journal entries automatically, so there's nothing to reenter. Since the General Ledger is updated in real-time, financial statements can be printed daily, weekly, or monthly-for any period. Also, this eliminates complicated month-end closings. And printed lists, summaries, journals, and audit trails provide exceptional accountability.

MAC OR WINDOWS, SAME LOOK AND FEEL The accounting system looks and feels the same on Windows and the Macintosh, dramatically simplifying training and in-house support. This means you'll be more productive faster.

SNAPSHOTS With a click of your mouse you can see vendor and client agings, job cost, productivity, profitability, and cash flow reports. All this is available from any computer in the shop, whether it is a Macintosh or a PC running Windows. And, for security each user has his or her own password and access privileges.

Questions? The Sales/Upgrade FAQs page features answers to the most frequently-asked questions about upgrading to Clients & Profits X and more:

Get answers to your upgrade questions


There's more to a successful shop than great creative That's why you need Clients & Profits. If you're new to Clients & Profits, check out our online brochure. This downloadable PDF describes Clients & Profits' essential features and benefits.

So which version of Clients & Profits X is right for you?

The many different versions of Clients & Profits X are designed to fit any creative business at different times of growth. Since all versions are completely upgradeable, it's difficult to outgrow Clients & Profits.

The feature comparison chart compares the systems' key features.

The best way to evaluate Clients & Profits X is to try it side-by-side with your current system. Download our fully-functional demo and decide which version of Clients & Profits is best for you.

Award-winning! The CPA Software News gave Clients & Profits their "Editor's Choice" for top ad agency software. See more raves about C&P on the reviews page.

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