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Clients & Profits Classic X is a complete job tracking, costing, billing, and accounting system for small ad agencies and graphic design firms. $4,999 add'l users, $499 per user


Clients & Profits Pro X contains everything found in Clients & Profits Classic X, plus complete media planning, buying, and WIP accruals, departmental accounting and reporting, support for 24 accounting periods, ODBC access, and a custom report writer. Supports MySQL 5 Community and MS-SQL Server 2005 Express Edition. $11,499 add'l users, $599 per user


Job Tracker X is a job tracking, costing, and chargeback system tailored for corporate design, graphic, and marketing communications departments. Cost and billing data can be easily uploaded to corporate accounting systems via ODBC or text files. Supports MySQL 5 Community. $7,799 add'l users, $549 per user

Clients & Profits X: Enterprise Edition is a high-performance client/server version of Clients & Profits Pro X that uses Microsoft SQL Server. It is a multi-location, highly scalable, customizable agency management system for mid-size ad agencies and corporate graphics/marcom departments. No monthly license fees. $29,999 add'l users, $699 per user No monthly license fees.


My Clients & Profits! X is web server add-on to Clients & Profits Classic X, Clients & Profits Pro X, and Job Tracker X that allows creatives, account execs, and out-of-office staffers to track jobs and enter time and expenses using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or any web browser. The My C&P! X web server lets any web browser access your Clients & Profits X database in real-time anywhere. Supports SQL Server/SQL Server Express. $2,499 unlimited users.

Fine Print All software is licensed subject to the terms and conditions in the Software Proposal/License Agreement. Free full-featured trial demo versions are available here. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

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