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The Client Billing Info window offers a wealth of details about the client. This billing information affects the client's jobs, costs, and A/R invoices.

Billing-related details include a special billing rate and markup, finance charge, and payment terms. A standard media job number, task, and commission can be assigned to the client. You can quickly review the client’s current account balances, sales tax settings, and retainer balance as well.

A client’s billing information can be changed anytime. Some of this information appears on the client list, but most doesn’t. Any part of the billing information can be printed using custom reports.

To edit a client’s billing information

1 Find the client whose billing information you wish to change.

2 Click on the Billing Info button.

The Billing Information window opens.

3 Make your changes

4 Click Save.

To set up distribution copies for printing job estimates and billings

The default for distribution copies is setup individually for each client.  Up to five copies of an invoice can be printed automatically, without using special forms.

1 Choose > My > Clients

2 Click the Billing Info link. 

You can enter up to five distribution names in the 'Print invoices to' fields, which are copied to new invoices. These names appear at the bottom of the printed invoices. As new job tickets are added, this information is copied to a job’s Estimate Options.  When adding an A/R invoice, they’ll appear in the Options window. The names added print at the bottom of an estimate or billing.

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