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It’s common for clients to track what they spend by project, program, or some other kind of category. When a new job is opened for a client, you can enter one of these codes into the project field. To keep your job tracking more consistent, you can establish a standard list of projects for each client.

Here’s how it works: When a job is added for a client, a list of its projects opens. Double-clicking on a project name copies it to the new job. Later, as costs and billings are posted, job reports can be printed by project. You’ll be able to easily show your clients how they spent their advertising dollars for this project without creating a spreadsheet.

Each client account can have dozens of different projects. Projects are optional, so you don’t have to set up project names for each client. Also, client projects have no affect on the General Ledger.

Choose Client Projects from the Lookup menu to see a list of projects anywhere you’re working.

The word ?project? is customizable as a system-wide preference. To rename the term 'project,' choose Preferences from the Setup menu, then select the option to change the Names preferences. You can enter any kind of term for ?project? here (e.g., campaign). Once saved, the new term will appear everywhere -- on windows, menus, and reports -- in place of the word ?project.? Keep in mind, however, that the same project label applies to all clients.

To add a client project

1 Choose My > My Clients and find the client account.

2 Click the Client Projects link.

The Client Projects window opens, listing the names of the client’s projects. Use the buttons in the window’s toolbar to add, edit, delete or print projects.

3 Click the add button.

4 Enter a project code, description, status, and budget.

All of the project’s fields are user-defined, however each project must be unique. The code should be a nickname for the project, which the description can fully explain. The optional status and budget can be shown on custom project reports.

5 Click Save.

The project is now ready to be used on new jobs, or added to old jobs. Because projects are used for reporting purposes and don’t affect the job ticket or G/L, the project field in Job Specifications is easy to change.

To look up client projects

The Client Projects lookup list (choose Lookup > Client Projects) shows all projects for all clients. Projects can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. New projects can also be added from the Projects lookup list.

Client projects. Projects can be sorted by project name, description, status, and budget by clicking on the column headings. Clicking on the Sort Direction buttons reverse the sort order of the projects. To print a list of the client's projects, click the Print button.

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