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The Job Assets Info window records important details about your digital art files.

The Job Asset Info window opens, displaying the digital file's name, location and description as well as its ownership details, acquisition date, source of acquisition, copyright information, author and phone, and usage restrictions. For certain graphic files, such as TIFF, JPG, and GIF, a thumbnail of the file appears on the right.

Anyone with the access privileges to delete job tickets can update a job asset's information.

The job asset info fields include:

File name The file name is displayed from the art server. It can't be changed here. To change the file name, you'll need to change it from the art server itself.

Protected Check this option if you don't want this asset's information deleted or cleared. Only system manager-level users can protect an asset's information. This setting only protects the asset information, not the file itself. It won't prevent someone from moving or deleting the file from the art server.

Location The location shows where the file is stored on the art server.

Description Add a description of the asset so that it can easily be differentiated from similar files. The more detail you add here, the less time you’ll spend opening the wrong files later.

Ownership Use the ownership pop-up menu to show who owns the digital file. The choices include agency, client, artist/writer, stock (royalty-free), or stock (rights restricted).

Date acquired Enter the date the asset was acquired.

Source Enter the asset’s original source, if applicable. Since assets are usually purchased, the source is a vendor code.

Copyright Add copyright information, if applicable, so the appropriate copyright information can be included when the asset is used.

Author The author of an asset is the contact person most responsible for creating it. If you ever need to request another file, changes, or additional information, the person entered here will be the person to contact. Be sure to add their phone number as well.

User fields There are five customizable user fields to enter any specific information that your shop needs to track.

Usage restrictions Enter any usage restrictions here to minimize any misuse of the asset.

Keywords The three keywords entered here are the search words. When searching for a graphic based on keywords, every asset that has that word listed in one of the keywords field will appear in the search results list.

To clear a job asset's file information

If a digital file's information was added incorrectly or is no longer current, it can be erased completely by clicking the clear button.

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