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The Find Job Assets window lets you search for digital art and other files tracked by the Clients & Profits X asset manager.

Digital files can be found by any part of the assets' file name or any of the three user-defined keywords. The show pop-up menu lets you search for files that begin with, contains, or has an exact match with a file name or keyword.

When you enter a file name or keyword, Clients & Profits will search the entire job assets data file for a match -- not just the currently displayed job ticket. This means you'll have a greater chance of finding the digital art you're looking for, even if you don't know the job on which it was used.

Assets can be sorted by clicking on a column heading. The sort order can be changed by clicking on the up/down arrow (to the right of the description column).

Clicking on an asset in the list displays its complete description, if it has one.

Click the clear button to erase the assets currently displayed then perform a new search.

Click the print button to print a list of the assets you found to the printer.

The Find Job Assets function can only search for assets that have been given file information in the Clients & Profits X asset manager. In other words, it can't literally search your art server for a file by name, kind, or content. If you don't enter information about your job assets into Clients & Profits X, the Find Job Assets function won't be useful.

To add new file assets

The settings in asset manager preferences tell Clients & Profits where your shop's digital assets are stored. It lets you name the location of the shop's art server, which is required for the asset manager to work. The Preferences window for the Asset Manager identifies the file type, server path, and other customizable information for job assets. Find out more about the Asset Manager here.

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