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My Clients & Profits! X Release Notes

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Brand-new features, bug fixes, enhancements, and more. These release notes describe bug fixes, enhancements, and other changes made to previous versions of My Clients & Profits! X.

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My Clients & Profits! X 10.2.7 - released 10/23/10

Revisions List:

-- Gross cost will now not calculate on time entries if a bill rate is present to unbillable tasks.
-- Task Description can now be printed on the job estimates. 
-- Work Order topics are now editable in My C&P! X to match C&P. The printed work order also now prints the topics for the work order. 
-- The Creative Brief now print correctly from the creative brief screen in job tickets.

My Clients & Profits! X 10.2.6 - released 06/01/10

Revisions List:

-- Cancel button now works in Work To Do.
-- The Show Completion As window at the bottom left of the job ticket window now shows the correct values.
-- Added a Log Invalid Requests option to Preferences as a helpful debugging tool.
-- Resolved a problem that caused change order emails to not be sent when a new change order was added.
-- Added some safety mechanisms to combat invalid requests like bots, spiders and other traffic that could cause the web server to crash or run slower.
-- The Job Summary now prints out following the costs access privileges set in Clients & Profits Users Access & Passwords.
-- Added filtering option in Proposals to support "reviewed by" option.
-- Limited the log display to 5000 entries so to help performance when log is displayed.

My Clients & Profits! X 10.2.4 - released 11/01/09

Revisions List:

-- Fixed Access with with Clients, Clients diary, Weekly Task Planner, Pre-Bill, Production Planner, Weekly Traffic Report, Work To Do, Timesheets and Snapshots Production Report.
-- Made performance enhancements to User Login, Expense Reports, Proposals and printing Job Estimates
-- When closing a job in My C&P!X the user's initials that closed the job will now appear in C&P.
-- Agency contact now appears as the user adding the job ticket.
-- Subtasks now appear as indented tasks in the schedule with no invalid characters in the name.
-- Added an option log invalid web requests in preferences.
-- The web server can now handle requests from robots and spiders.
-- Fixed the the edit menu features in the users window including the edit user and clone feature.

My Clients & Profits! X 10.2.3 - released 08/01/09

Revisions List:

-- Fixed and issue were users sometimes get "logged out" immediately after logging in.
-- PO's now show net amounts, instead of gross.
-- Fixed permissions for Job Summary and Task PO snapshot reports.
-- Users can now see jobs and job tasks during time entry, without access to job tickets.
-- Traffic window now saves properly.
-- Fixed an issue where some users couldn't be deleted.
-- Home page greeting appears, as well as user specific logon messages.
-- Production planner should now display properly in IE.
-- Job tasks now show properly for client-users.
-- Purchase order's section can now be restricted.
-- Ability to connect to databases 10.2.3 and later's SQL security upgrade
-- Fixed problems saving users in MS SQL.


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