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Installation Troubleshooting

Applies to:

[x] C&P Classic
[x] C&P Pro
[x] Job Tracker
[x] Enterprise
[x] My C&P!

SUMMARY: How to troubleshoot common Clients & Profits installation problems.

Some of the common Clients & Profits installation problems are described and explained below:

Problem: "Our serial number isn't working."

The serial number is case-sensitive, as well as space-sensitive (that is, it needs spaces between each part of the number). The serial number reads like this: C8RS 10M 999999 9999. The first part indicates the version of the C&P Player. The second part ("10M") indicates the number of concurrent users this serial number supports. The third part (""999999 9999") is just an identification number.

Problem: "We're adding additional users. Do we need to reserialize each C&P Player?"

Yes. Each copy of the C&P Player must have the new serial number. That's because the serial number determines how many people can share the Clients & Profits database at the same time.

Problem: The error message "too many workstations in use" appears when starting the C&P Player.

Two people are probably opening the same C&P Player from the file server which doesn't work. Make sure a separate copy of the Clients & Profits Player is installed on each computer that will use the program.

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