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The Meeting>Manager window lists all of the meetings that have been set up for the client, where they will be held, who the coordinator is, and what the meetings are about.

The Meeting>Manager window is used as a pivot point for all client meetings. With the right access privileges, staffers can access the upcoming meetings so they can better prepare for it. It's also a reminder of how much (often unbillable) manpower is dedicated to getting work done for a client.

The meeting manager works like the client diary/call log. It allows account executives and others to keep track of meetings. Anyone working with this client’s jobs can add an entry to record the notes, the location, the time, the attendees, the coordinator, and the topic discussed at a client meeting. The meeting manager also allows a meeting coordinator to e-mail all the attendees of a meeting of new changes or for the times of future follow-up meetings.

Learn more about the meeting manager in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 3:00

To use the Meeting>Manager

1 From the Clients window, click on the meetings link or choose Edit > Client Tools > Meeting>Manager.

The Meeting>Manager window opens, listing the client's current and past meetings. Client meeting entries are sorted by most recent entry first. You can resort the list by clicking on any column heading. For each meeting you'll see these details:

The Meeting>Manager window lists upcoming meetings scheduled for a client.

Date is when the meeting took place or when the entry was added. An “X” in the checkbox identifies client meeting entries that have a completed meeting summary.

is the place a meeting took place.

is the person who was in charge of the meeting. Typically, this person is a department manager or an account executive.

is a brief description of what a meeting was about. To see the full details of a meeting entry, double-click on it.

identifies what job ticket the meeting was called for. It is optional.

The meeting address/directions gives you the directions of how to get to the location of a meeting.

shows who attended, or is scheduled to attend, a particular meeting.

Use the arrow toolbar buttons to scroll through the previous and next client meeting entries.

Client meeting entries can be easily added, edited, deleted, and canceled. Client meetings can be scheduled in advance or added after they have taken place. To edit the details of a meeting entry, click on the edit button. To delete a meeting entry, click on the delete button. Entries can be deleted at any time. However, for better accountability, it is better to mark a meeting as “canceled” by clicking on the cancel button. Canceling a meeting retains all of the details of a planned meeting for future reference. If an entry is deleted, then no details will appear in the Meeting>Manager window.

To schedule a new client meeting

Anyone with access to clients can schedule a new meeting. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

To edit a client meeting

Double-click on a meeting in the Meeting>Manager window.

The Edit Client Meeting window opens, prompting you to change the meeting's date, time, duration, coordinator, topic, location, objective, and e-mail list.

2 Make your changes, then click Save.

To delete a client meeting

Click on the delete button to completely remove information about the meeting from the database.

If the meeting is tentative, go ahead and schedule it, then mark it canceled later, or edit the date and time.

To print the client meeting list

The Client Meetings list displays the client's current and past meetings by date, showing who coordinated the meeting, its events/actions, attendees, and whether the meeting's objective has been accomplished.

1 Click on the print list button.

To print out a meeting worksheet

The meeting worksheets should be printed before the meeting happens and distributed to the attendees. The worksheet includes the meeting's location, directions, topic, and a list of attendees. It also includes space for the attendees to write notes on the meeting's discussions and the list of upcoming action items.

1 Click on the print worksheet button.

To produce a meeting summary

When the meeting is over, the coordinator can document the meeting's discussions, conclusions, and action items in the Meeting Summary. Use the meeting summary to keep a record of the discussion and action items of a meeting. You can also automatically setup a follow-up meeting and notify via e-mail the attendees of that client meeting.

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