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Client Alerts are customizable, on-line warnings that appear when you add jobs, billings, or payments for a client

They’re optional, and can be changed anytime. These alerts don’t stop anyone from working with this client; instead, they simply warn the user regarding something about this client. For example, the job alert can inform users to use a certain status code, markup, or spec sheet. Or, the billing alert can remind users how to compose an invoice.

1 From the Client window, find the client you wish to edit.

2 Click on the alerts button.

3 Make your changes.

4 Click Save.

Client alerts. Alerts are unique to each client. They can be setup to prompt the user when adding a new job, A/R invoice, or client payment. Remember, alerts only warn the user, it doesn’t stop them from adding the job, invoice, or client payment.

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In find client I entered the client I would like to set up an alert for. Maybe I am in the wrong window but I do not see an alerts button. Can you please tell me where to find this?

Melanee Brown Feb 12, 08:54 AM

Hi Melanee. To add alerts for clients, choose My > My Clients and find the client you wish to add alerts for. Then choose Edit > Client Tools > Alerts to open the Client Alerts window.

For more information about client alerts:

Phil Feb 16, 10:34 AM
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