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You can customize Clients & Profits X without programming by setting its preferences.

These preferences change the way Clients & Profits X behaves, so you can more closely tailor how you work.

Most of the important system settings are changed from the Preferences window. This window lets you select and modify each of the different settings separately, for simplicity. The system settings you can customize include: General preferences, such as enabling/disabling the General Ledger; how jobs are automatically numbered; standard status codes for new, closed, and reopened jobs; default settings for purchase and insertion orders; standard G/L accounts, accounting periods, and account classes; and, default sales tax rates.

You can customize the terminology used by Clients & Profits X to name clients, jobs, tasks, vendors, profit centers, accounts receivable, and the job’s user-defined fields.

Also, you can customize the user’s Information Center window with a graphic, such as a company logo. This graphic acts as banner above the user’s initials that they see every time they start Clients & Profits X.

More ways to customize In addition to these preferences, there are many other parts of Clients & Profits X that you can customize. You can customize the fonts used by windows and reports, modify the report margins, and change your window colors using commands in the Utilities menu.

You can customize other system-wide settings in Agency Information window.

To change your preferences -

1. Choose Clients & Profits X > Preferences (Mac) or Setup > Preferences (Windows).

The Preferences window opens. The different system preferences are
modified by choosing an options area from the left hand column.

2. Choose a system preference to change from the left hand column of the preferences window.

The preferences column on the left lists the different settings that you can change. When you choose something from the menu, a window opens with the system’s current settings. After you make your changes, simply close the window or choose a different preference area. The changes take affect instantly. You can change one or more system preferences by simply choosing another item from the list.

The window for the preference you’ve chosen appears to the right, displaying the settings you can change. Each of the various preferences windows look different, since they have different options.

3. Make your changes, then simply close the preferences window.
The changes you make will be saved automatically.

Since these settings are used by everyone system-wide, every user’s preferences are updated when these changes are saved. To prevent record-locking, it’s best—but not required—that no one uses Clients & Profits X while you’re changing your system preferences.

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