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Change orders document changes made to a job’s estimate after it has been authorized.  

They prevent potentially costly misunderstandings between the agency and the client when a job has gone over budget.

When a change is requested (by either the client or the agency, it doesn’t matter), a change order can be added then printed. The printed change order resembles an estimate. Unlike the estimate, it only shows the cost and description of the change being requested. The client signs off on a change order just like they sign off on an estimate, giving the authorization to exceed the job’s estimate. A new change order is printed automatically when it is saved.

Change orders are better than printing a revised estimate, since it doesn’t remind the client of the job’s total cost. Clients see only the change order amount. A change order doesn’t affect the job’s original estimate, either. Instead, a separate change order amount is tracked for each job task.


Learn how to add change orders for job tickets in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 4:40

To see a job’s change orders

1 From the Job Ticket window, click the Change Orders link or choose Edit > Change Orders.

The Change Orders window opens, listing the job's change orders sorted by date (newest entries first). Entries can be resorted by clicking on the different column headings (i.e., when who, what). The sort order can be reversed by clicking on the sort buttons in the toolbar.

To approve a change order

Once a change order has been approved, it can no longer be edited or deleted, so make sure all the information is entered correctly before approving it.

1 From the Change Order window, highlight the change order you wish to approve.

2 Click the approve button.

3 A message box will open, click Yes to approve the change order.


Approved change orders. When a client signs off on a change order, it can be marked as approved in Clients & Profits X. Approved change orders can’t be changed, keeping your job costs accurate.

To print a change order

Change orders can be printed as many times as necessary. The change order uses the same template as estimates, so it can be set up so that the shop's logo prints on it, or so that it prints on your letterhead.

1 From the Changer Order window, highlight the change order you wish to print.

2 Click the print button.

Much like the job's estimate, change orders now print using the roll-up tasks.

To add a change order

Change orders can be added at any time to document any changes needed to complete the job. Change orders can be added for changes the client wants or is needed by the agency itself. Click here for step-by-step instructions.

To edit a change order

Unapproved change orders can be edited at any time. Virtually everything on the change order, except for the number, can be edited. Each time a change order is edited, you will be prompted to reprint the change order. Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to edit a change order.

To delete a change order

Deleting a change order deducts its amounts from the change order totals on job tasks. Only unapproved change orders can be deleted.

1 From the Change Order window, highlight the change order you wish to delete.

2 Click on the delete button.

E-mailing a change order

For clients or shops that like to have change orders e-mailed to them, Clients & Profits X allows you to email a change order as a PDF file. Click here for instructions on e-mailing change orders.

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