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Essential information about your organization is stored in Agency Information.

Agency Information is the first record created when your database is started, and contains your company name and address. Every user gets a copy of the original Agency Information record, which is customized by Clients & Profits X for their own use.

The information you can enter in Agency Information includes the organization, which is the shop’s business name. It appears at the top of all job, cost, and accounting reports. The shop’s address appears on printed purchase orders and other forms. The billing address appears on invoices and statements. Empty lines won't be printed. (There's an option in Report Options to show or hide the billing address on invoices. If you use pre-printed letterhead, don't enter a billing address.)

Some settings help keep your database more secure: Always Open Database/Path is the name of the path from a user’s computer, through the network, to the file server that contains the database. The always use currently open database option helps prevent users from opening and using the wrong database.

Other settings are used for accounting. The currency symbol appears on many job reports, accounting reports, and forms. Together with the Number Formats setting (see Utilities), different kinds of currencies can handled -- but only one currency per database. A/R Periods are used by the aging reports to show the age of unpaid invoices. The current period is the system’s current accounting period. The current period is copied to new payables, checks, etc. as they are added, but can be changed. It doesn’t change automatically; instead, it’s a setting a manager changes once he or she determines that a month is closed. The standard markup is copied to new vendor accounts.

The Info Center Message is a brief message that can be set to appear at the bottom of the Information Center window. This message can inform everyone of important meetings, deadlines, or be simply inspirational or silly. Messages can be changed anytime.

To change agency information

Only managers can change agency information. The Agency Information menu command will be disabled for non-managers, so it can’t be changed. Changing the name, address, and other settings updates other users.

Don’t change agency information while others are working. If so, you’re likely to get record locks (i.e., the padlock cursor). This happens because other users are editing their own agency information records, which prevents it from being updated.

1 Choose Setup > Agency Information.

The Agency Information window opens.

2 Make your changes.

3 Click Save.

Preventing users from opening the wrong database

Since Clients & Profits X automatically opens the last-used database from the file server, a user doesn’t usually have to worry about using the wrong data. But it’s possible to accidentally start a new database, or otherwise use the wrong file. The following setting helps prevent this from happening.

1 From a user’s computer, choose Setup > Agency Information.

2 Click the Always Use Currently Open Database link, then click Save

The path through the network to the database is pasted in the Database/Path field. You’ll see the user’s hard disk name, the volume on the file server, and the name of the folder/directory where the database is located. You shouldn’t change this setting. When the user opens Clients & Profits X, the program opens the database found using this path. If the path doesn’t match (e.g., if the user accidentally opened a local database instead), a warning message will appear.

You’ll need to move on to the next user’s computer, then repeat these steps, to prevent them from using the wrong database.

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