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Clients & Profits X starts up like any other Macintosh or Windows application: simply double-click on the program, open the database, then introduce yourself.

Because Clients & Profits X is a multi-user application, many people could be sharing it at any one time. By introducing yourself to Clients & Profits with your initials, the system becomes aware that you’re using it.

Every potential Clients & Profits X user should be added to the Users table separately. When a user starts Clients & Profits X, he or she will be prompted to enter their initials and an optional password. The initials and password combination verifies that they can use all or part of the system. System Managers can give each user access to parts of Clients & Profits X, as well as special preferences (such as window positions, status codes, pop-up warning messages, etc.). These preferences are portable, so they travel with you to any computer you may use in the shop—whether or not it’s a Mac or a PC.

1 If prompted, select and open your database.

Clients & Profits X lists your most recently opened database in a pop-up menu. The last database you used is selected automatically opens the last database you’ve used automatically. In some cases, you will be asked to selectand open your database.

Moving your mouse over the databases pop-up menu displays the database’s location on your hard disk or file server.

<> If you’re using Clients & Profits X for the first time, click the New Database button to create a new database for your organization. Once your new database is saved to the file server, any other Client& Profits user will be able to open it -- once you’ve set up their user accounts.

2 Enter your initials, then press Tab.

Your initials help the system track who’s doing what. The system remembers when you start and stop Clients & Profits X, as well as what kinds of entries you make. You must be an authorized user to use Clients & Profits.

If you’re using Clients & Profits X for the first time, enter your initials as MGR. This user is your default System Manager, enabling you to add, edit, and delete users. It has no password, so it can be used temporarily until you’ve set up your users and passwords.

If you enter your initials and get the message “user not found” then you’re not an authorized user. First, make sure you’re entering the right initials (don’t forget a middle initial, for example). If the message still appears, see your System Manager.

3 Enter your password, then press Tab. Passwords are sometimes used to validate who you are to Clients & Profits X. If your System Manager requires passwords, it must be entered.

Passwords are case sensitive, which means capital letters are different from lowercase letters. Iyour password is ROSEBUD, for example, entering Rosebud wouldn’t work. If you get an error when entering your password, check your case.

If you have forgotten your password, you must personally retrieve it from your System Manager. Clients & Profits is not designed to deliver passwords or password hints to you.

If you don’t have a password, the Introduce Yourself window closes automatically.

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