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Clients & Profits X is now self-updating, automatically installing new feature enhancements, bug fixes, and patches as they are made available -- with a single mouse click.

Unlike previous versions of Clients & Profits which required update installers or software patches, Clients & Profits X uses a web-based update server to download feature enhancements, bug fixes, and patches directly into each copy of Clients & Profits X.

Software updates are available to all Clients & Profits X registered users with current support subscriptions. Updates are not available as stand-alone installers or on CD. An internet connection is required to download software updates.

System managers will be notified via e-mail whenever a software update is released.

Only users with access to Software Update can update their own copy of Clients & Profits X. Access to software update is turned off by default in the Users, Access & Passwords window. Access to software update can be assigned on a per-user basis, giving the system managers better control over how Clients & Profits X is updated. Do note that reorganization of the database is often necessary after installing updates and should not be done across the network.

Since Clients & Profits X is a multi-user application, it's important that everyone always use the same version of the software. Since some system managers prefer to test a new update with a backup copy of the agency's database first, Clients & Profits X doesn't automatically check for software updates. This also helps ensure that everyone in the shop is using the same version.

To update Clients & Profits X

1 Choose Setup > Software Update.

The Software Update window opens and starts checking for new updates.

If your copy of Clients & Profits X is up-to-date, you'll be alerted that your software is current. But if a new update is available, Clients & Profits X will display the update's version name, release date, and release notes in the window.

2 Click on the Install button to install the update now.

Most software updates will take only a few minutes to download, depending on the number of enhancements or fixes included.

You'll need to repeat these steps on each workstation that uses Clients & Profits X.

To print an update's release notes

1 Click on the Print button.

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