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See Clients & Profits really works with our online tutorial. The tutorial's ten chapters (e.g., jobs, estimates, traffic, etc.) cover the Clients & Profits essentials with easy-to-follow, step-by-step animation and narration.

9 things you can do with Clients & Profits

1. Take an existing closed job jacket and enter everything about it (estimates, schedules, costs, time, and billing) into Clilents & Profits X to see how it really works.

2. Create an estimate for a
typical job then change it a lot, just like clients do.

3. Schedule yourself for a bunch
of tasks then review your work
to do on your Daily Task Planner.

4. Add a week's worth of work
on your daily time card.

5. Cut a PO for that red Boxster you've always wanted.

6. Add a handful of vendor
invoices then print the Aging report to see how much you owe.

7. Bill one of your sample job
for its costs so far then print it. (Be careful not to mail or it your client might just pay it.)

8. Write a check -- payable to yourself -- for a few million dollars

9. Enter some real jobs and their costs, then wow your co-workers by constantly reminding them how much they're spending. Do this a lot. They'll think you're psychic.

The Reports Workbook (1.9mb) is an Acrobat-based collection of almost 300 reports available from Clients & Profits, including estimates and invoices, POs, traffic reports, productivity and profitability reports, and financials.

You can also see sample reports from the Report-o-Matic.


Download the real Clients & Profits X software (the latest upgrade, too). It's fully functional, so there's very little limit to what you can do. For instance, you can add jobs, print estimates, schedule tasks, enter hours onto your time card, and print production, management, and financial reports.

For Mac OS X + Windows + Web
Clients & Profits X is designed especially for Mac OS X and Windows Vista. Installing is one-click easy and takes less than 5 minutes. The installer copies everything you need to try Clients & Profits X to your hard disk, including a sample database to get you started.

Get everyone involved
Clients & Profits X is truly multi-user, so everyone in your shop can share your demo database at the same time. And everything you need to know about using the software can be found in the 88-page Demo Guide (4.4 mb).

Getting started is easy (really)
The information entered into your database can be retained when you purchase Clients & Profits X -- you won't lose any data. Once you've explored Clients & Profits, you'll have a good feel for how simple it is to add client, vendor, job and other information to your real Clients & Profits database. You'll see that getting it up and running will be a snap.

Take a 2-month test drive
The Clients & Profits software is fully functional for 60 days with very few limitations. By comparing Clients & Profits X with your current system (even if it's a manual one) with your real work, you'll clearly see how well this award-winning system can work for you.

Have fun!

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We're here to help: Call us and we can walk you through installing the Clients & Profits software, then show you its best features:

102 reasons to use
Clients & Profits X

#62: "When I started at this agency I didn't know how to use either a Macintosh or Clients & Profits. Now that I can, I couldn't think about working any other way"

-- P.M., Bethesda, MD

Here's what real people say about Clients & Profits

Case studies tell real stories about how actual shops put Clients & Profits to work. Here's one example: "It's such a relief to finally obtain information that I can depend on with Clients & Profits instead of piecing it together from time cards, receipts, and invoices."

The Clients & Profits Demo Guide (4.4mb) contains step-by-step instructions for installing, setting up, and starting the Clients & Profits X software. This 88-page handbook is great place to start your test drive of the software.

Running Clients & Profits
Get complete details about what you need to run any version of Clients & Profits X, including the right server and workstation configurations.

System Recommendations

Web Demonstration
Running the software is the best way to test-drive Clients & Profits X, but if you want to see how it works from the passenger seat, click here to watch a 20-minute web presentation by Mary Peczeli, VP of Sales.

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