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About Mary
Mary Peczeli joined Clients & Profits Worldwide in 1996 and is now Vice President of Sales. She is C&P's media expert and was an integral part of R&D for the media planning, buying, and billing system in Clients & Profits. Mary is active in the San Diego Ad Club and the outreach coordinator for the company's 20+ community, industry, and arts sponsorships.

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102 reasons to use
Clients & Profits
#90: "We use Clients & Profits to track costs and compare them to budgets. We now have a good idea where we are in terms of percentage of completion. It has been pretty foolproof in that regards."

-- S.P., San Francisco, CA


Try it, love it

The best way to evaluate Clients & Profits X is to try it side-by-side with your current system. Here's how: Download the actual Clients & Profits X software and run it for 60 days for free. There's no obligation, no salesman will call, and you'll get unlimited toll-free support.  There's virturally no limits to what you can do: add jobs, print estimates, schedule tasks, track time and job costs, then bill clients. It's the best way to prove to yourself that Clients & Profits X is the best solution for managing your shop.


Our online tutorials are designed to introduce new users to Clients & Profits X. They use animation to walk you step-by-step through the basic functions of Clients & Profits X: opening a new job, estimating, scheduling, entering time, tracking job costs, and billing a client.

TAKE A NARRATED GUIDED TOUR OF CLIENTS & PROFITS IN THIS 20-MINUTE VIDEO  Clients & Profits expert Mary Peczeli walk users through the basic features and functions of Clients & Profits X. Highlights:

Getting Started (00:00 - 00:40)
How to start Clients & Profits X / Introducing yourself / Passwords and user access privilegess

Getting Around (00:40-06:30)
A quick tour of the famous Clients & Profits user interface / What makes Clients & Profits easy to use / An integrated system, no modules / Doing everything from menus

The Job Ticket (06:30-08:35)
Job tickets are the center of the Clients & Profits universe / Virtual job jackets / How to open new jobs / Using lookup lists to work faster / Save time by cloning jobs

Estimating (08:35-09:30)
How to budget job tasks / planning for estimates / estimating hours / the different estimate styles explained / printing revisions and getting client approvals

Production + Traffic (09:30-13:35)
Overview of the Job Ticket / using Change Orders andf Creative Briefs / creating Work Orders / using the Asset Manager / adding Job Diary entries / Job Approvals / creating a Job Schedule / exploring Job Traffic details and the Job Timeline

It's Your Clients & Profits (13:35-15:00)
The "My" menu of Clients & Profits / using your Weekly Task Planner / entering time using your Daily Time Card / submitting Expense Reports / exploring your Information Center and the Creative Dashboard

Tracking Costs (15:00-15:45)
Expense Reports allow users to record any costs that need to be billed to the client, and to the job / an overview of Internal Charges

Getting Paid (15:45-17:25)
How client billing works / pre-billing a job directly from the estimate / grouping multiple jobs on one invoice / auto-billing jobs / posting and un-posting A/R invoices in C&P / a brief look at the Collection Manager

Making Sense of Things (17:25-19:37)
A quick look at the General Ledger / printing the Daily Job Status Report, the Weekly Traffic Report, and Work To Do Report.


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There's more to a successful shop than great creative
That's why you need Clients & Profits. If you're new to Clients & Profits, check out our mini brochure (12mb PDF) It describes our full line of software for the business of being creative®.


Here's what real people say about Clients & Profits

Case studies tell real stories about how actual shops put Clients & Profits to work. Here's one example: "It's such a relief to finally obtain information that I can depend on with Clients & Profits instead of piecing it together from time cards, receipts, and invoices."



It's MacWorld Expo 2007's only ad agency management system Clients & Profits X 10.1 was publicly announced at January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco - the only agency manager at the show. We were featured in Apple's Developer Showcase, which highlights innovative application for Mac OS X. Thanks, Apple!

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The Buyer's Guide micro-site has suggestions for hardware configurations and tips for maximizing your system's performance.

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