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Release notes for earlier versions
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Brand-new features, bug fixes, enhancements, and more. These release notes describe bug fixes, enhancements, and other changes made to previous versions of Clients & Profits X.

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Clients & Profits X 10.3.4 - released 11/06/12


- PO Disclaimers are now pulled from preferences whether or not the order template NONE is selected.
- User will no longer get stuck in the notes field when adding time in timesheets if no hours have been entered.
- Multiple page change order descriptions can now be entered if the Additional Info Type is used on change orders. This type will not show Change Items with amounts.

-Resolved an issue with spaces being added to the end of new job numbers causing an issue with job lookups (This is issue only affect clients using the built-in database).

- Checking the "Disable user accounts after 3 bad logins attempts" (under Preferences->Security) now disables the user account and sends an email to the system manager.
- When changing project names (under My->My Clients->Projects) it updates the project name correctly on job tickets and no longer displays an error message in MS SQL.
- **ENTERPRISE EDITITON ONLY** adding values to the user defined fields now holds the values correctly and will display these values on the job tickets (Setup under Preference->Job Tickets and will display on the job tickets).
- Using the priority, change status, reschedule, etc no longer clears the AE filter field from the list in the Production Planner.
- Totals and subtotals are shown correctly in the Budget Recap Report. (My-My Clients->Viewpoint->View Budget Recap)
- When cloning ingle line POs the correct template and cloned information shows up correctly on the new PO.
- Adding a PO and selecting "None" from the templates field will now load defaults from PO Preferences.
- Printing the profit centers list report from the Profits Center Setup window or the lookup window prints the report in the order reflected on the screen.
- The Job Type/Spec Sheet report can now be printed on the PC to a File (including PDF, HTML,Export. Located under Setup->Job Type/Spec Sheets->Print)
- Media Accrual/Open Orders WIP Summary Report now prints the correct order/line numbers and shows the correct open and close order results.
- Time Report can be filtered by department
- Expanded PO line number fields so that they can have numbers up to 9999.
- Added a new report to the purchase order "view point" menu to view open lines on POs.
- Can now save up to 100 characters in the Webmaster email field in Jobr to match the system manager email field in Clients & Profits Preferences.
- A require Profit Centers on job tickets has been added to the Job Preferences.
- A require notes on all Unbillable, Billable or All Time has been added to preferences.
- An issue was resolved with notifications when adding a change order. Some users were not being emailed after being selected in the change order add screen for notification.
- Added a prompt to the Daily Job Status Report. If the window is not saved or canceled a prompt will appear asking the user if they would like to save to their changes.
- Adding a job ticket using any format combination that would result in a job number longer than 10 characters, the number is automatically truncated. (only applies when "always prevent duplicates" is not checked)
- When creating a job ticket from a proposal the bill rate kind will be inherited from the job type used in the proposal (in both the job ticket and the tasks)

Clients & Profits X 10.3.3 - released 12/21/11


-Expenses are now updated with the correct profit center from the job ticket when added or edited.
-Updated job proposals job creation function so that tasks created contain the correct bill rate.
-Vendor Bids, Print Specs now show the correct information when vendor 2 and 3 are chosen.

5/17/12 - Minor Update to Production Planner
- Updated the sorting in the Production Planner so that it sorts by the production status code numerically and not alphabetically.

4/2/12 - Minor Update to Timesheets
-The billed and cost rates will now always be updated in the edit time entry window in timesheets when the hours field updated but not is not tabbed through.

-Users that don't have access to closed jobs will no longer receive a message when adding new time to a time card with previously added time entries to a now closed job.
-Optimized the posting of APs with POs attached using the built in database.
-Project codes are correctly changed on jobs when edited in My Clients.
-The option to share project codes now allows all project codes for all clients to be shown in the lookup list when adding a project code to a job ticket.
-If the terms and conditions are blank on an order template a blank page will no longer be printed along with the Purchase Order.
-Users with access to the daily or weekly time card can only print the time reports through Timesheets.
-Added a new security option in preferences to expire passwords. This allows the users to reset their own passwords in a set number of days. This applies to the C&P Clients and Jobr/Web Access.
-Added a new security option in preferences to require stronger passwords.This applies to the C&P Clients and Jobr/Web Access at login users passwords expire, but does not apply to system managers when entering a password in Users, Access & Passwords. The strong password must be 8-20 characters and must contain 3 of the following: lower case alpha characters, uppercase alpha characters, numeric characters and non alpha numeric characters.
-The Production Planner can now be filtered by Profit Center and AE as well as priority.

****Note for Web Access/Jobr users: Please remove and re-install Clients & Profits on the machine running Web Access/Jobr.

Clients & Profits X 10.3.2 - released 11/24/11


-The "Stop Users Immediately" feature for status codes now stops users from entering time for a job in all cases.
-Sending a change order email to Team Members, Traffic Names or Everyone no longer notifies the user that the email was not sent, when the email is sent successfully.
-In MS-SQL database, the estimate amount will always reflect the correct amount on the face of the job ticket.
*This may have affected estimates when final estimates were set to the second or third column.
-Raised the limit in Media Link for Broadcast Order Lines from 100 to 500. Make good's line numbers will now import as line numbers above 500 (500 + the line number of the modified item).
-Correctly sends Job Diary Emails when using SMTP authentication.
-The "Automatically Send Email" preference is no longer required to send job approval emails.
-When editing a job ticket number (in Time Card and Time Sheets), the profit center now updates correctly.
-Web Access/Jobr: Entering Time entries marked as unbillable will now mark the time entry correctly.
*unless the user can only use the daily or weekly time card. In that case, the cost's status will reflect what is marked in the job's task.
-Web Access/Jobr: When entering time, the time entry is populated with the correct profit center.
-Web/Access/Jobr: Redesign of the Jobr/WebAccess interfaces, security and performance to reflect user's feedback.
-Web/Access/Jobr: Web Access interface has been redesigned to mirror the Jobr interface consisting of the time card, in/out board, job and task information.
-Web/Access/Jobr: Updated security for failed login attempts to 5 and added a checkbox for suspended users in the Web Users screen.
-Web/Access/Jobr: Job requests from clients can now be sent via the login window and will appear in the proposals screen for approval.
-Clients & Profits Pro is now compatible with MS-SQL Server.

12/8/11 - Minor update
-Web/Access Jobr: Reconfigured the cookie to work with subdomains correctly.
-Changed an issue with some estimate logos not showing up when printed.

****Note for Web Access/Jobr users: Please remove and re-install Clients & Profits on the machine running Web Access/Jobr.

Clients & Profits X 10.3.1 - released


-Retainer Client Payment's now post correctly.
-Corrected an issue where PC users could not see the full names of all preferences labels.
-Updated the list of status codes when a new database is created.
-"A/R Summary - Billing by cGL" when run by date paid now is now run by the date that the AR invoice was actually paid by the client payment.
-When adding a Media Accrual Invoice the Media Lines lookup list now pulls up a full list of the lines on the Media orders in MS SQL.
-Daily Dept Time Analysis, Dept Group Productivity and Division/Staff Productivity reports no longer round decimals.
-A Change Order with no task amounts will no longer show tasks on the printed change order.
-When a change order is saved as Clients Revision type it no longer saves as the Additional Info type.
-Updated the Margins on the 1099 reports and made sure that they will print correctly on most major Printers and Computers.
-Reports printed to screen will only print to the size of the report.
-When adding POs the first PO Template in the list will be used by default.
-Adding unbillable time entries in web access/jobr now show up with status unbillable..

Clients & Profits X 10.3 - released


-- Jobr : web-based project manager
-- Income Statements and Balance Sheets can now be printed by several selected profit centers or by all profit centers, seperately. *
-- Job RFQs : Custom request-for-quotes can be created for for kits made up from pre-defined components*
-- The Media Link will import Strata's upcoming bottom-line invoices
-- The Media Link now imports interactive orders from Strata
-- The built-in spelling checker now includes Spanish and French dictionaries
-- The Work to Do window can now filter unfinished tasks by production status
-- Job cost transfers can now transfer unbilled hours from time cards and time sheets
-- Online payments can now have 1099 details and will appear on year-end 1099 reports
-- The web time card now includes a stopwatch for real-time tracking of hours
-- The Staff lookup list can now be filtered to show only freelancers
-- The "transfer" feature in Job Work in Progress will now completely move unbilled costs, including time, from one job to another
-- Expense reports can be printed for a selected staff member
-- The daily time card now shows a job task's remaining estimated hours
-- In the accounting preferences, leaving the overtime hours as zero will prevent the "is this overtime?" warning from being displayed on time cards


--The Vendor list in Print Spec's Vendor Bids now is able to show more than 60total vendors in a list on the PC.
--The ballpark feature in the schedule no longer freezes when running this by due date.
-- The Require daily time keeping no longer interferes with automatically quitting the user at a certain time.
--Fixed the tabbing order of the fields in the Job Ticket's Edit window, so that they are in order and the pop up window to save the job ticket does not appear until the last box is tabbed through.
--When importing a VAP in Media link the pay date will be calculated.
--When printing to PDF the entire range of AR invoice will appear in the one PDF file. While I was in here I also made the show broadcast invoice detail question appear only once for a range of invoices.
-- Snapshots -> Job Costs -> Change Orders. Change orders dated on the last date of of the range are no longer omitted.
-- Printing ARs to PDF for a range of invoices will now print the full range of invoices.

* this feature is not included in Clients & Profits Classic

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