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Clients & Profits X Hands-on Tutorial

The "hands-on" tutorial uses the actual Clients & Profits X software and a special training database to let new users learn about opening jobs, estimating, scheduling, tracking time and job costs, and billing a client at their own pace.

The tutorial database, called Tutorial.DF1, and the 40-page tutorial guide are included in the Extras folder on your Clients & Profits CD. The tutorial guide is an Adobe Acrobat file that can be printed on any laser printer. It explains how to use the basic job tracking, costing, and billing functions of Clients & Profits, walking users step-by-step through every step in detail.

The hands-on tutorial shows you how to:

Open a new job ticket
Add tasks to jobs
Enter estimates
Schedule job tasks
Manage traffic
Track time
Write purchase orders
Enter vendor invoices
Write a job cost check
Bill a job ticket

The tutorial database and guide can also be downloaded here:

Clients & Profits Tutorial Guide (2.7mb)

The tutorial works with the special Tutorial.DF1 database, which can downloaded here.

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