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System Recommendations

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Cross-platform FAQs
Get answers to the most frequently- asked questions about using Clients & Profits on Macs and PCs.

System Manager Resources
This "best-of" page has links to technical web pages, including system manager news, software updates, utilities, tips, tech notes, and more.

The deals page features great buys on hardware and software, compiled by the C&P Helpdesk staff.

Here's what you need to run Clients & Profits Clients & Profits requires very little resources to run, and no special hardware or system software. All you need is a simple file server (e.g., Windows 2000 Server, Windows Server 2003, Mac OS X Server*) to store the database and workstations with enough RAM to run the Clients & Profits application.

All versions of Clients & Profits are cross-platform and run well on Macs or PCs. This allows any number of Mac or PC users to share the same database of clients, jobs, costs, and billings at the same time (and, with the new My Clients & Profits! web server, use any web browser).

Clients & Profits runs with almost any Mac or PC made since 2001. Click on any of the links below to see system recommendations for user workstations, the database's file server, and optional server for My Clients & Profits!

For help choosing the right system for Clients & Profits, please call (800) 272-4488.

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