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You'll find the latest news about hardware, software, networks, and operating systems -- and how they affect Clients & Profits -- here. Edited by Chris Lawrence, CIO.

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C&P Database Guide - everything you need to know about checking and repairing C&P databases
System Recommendations - what works best with Clients & Profits

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Custom Reports - these examples will help you learn how to program your own reports
Data Dictionary - describes the data files and fields that can be used in custom reports, exporting, etc.

Support Links

MacWindows - searchable web site for Mac/Windows integration
Microsoft Windows - everything official you'd want to know about Microsoft Windows
Macintouch - the best source for up-to-date Macintosh news. Updated daily
Macfixit - searchable troubleshooting site by the author of "Sad Macs." Updated daily

Recommended Tools

Retrospect - an excellent backup system for both Mac and Windows servers.

Disk Warrior - Alsoft's utility for checking and fixing Mac hard disks.

Drive Genius - Another utility for hard drive recovery and optimization.  Allows (among other things) partition size management without data loss.

RealVNC - Free VNC client/server software for Windows PCs and servers.  Very useful for remote administration.  For Macs, consider Vine Server (formerly OSXvnc) and Chicken of the VNC.

Snow Leopard Compatibility


Our testing has found no issues with C&P X running in Apple's new Snow Leopard (10.6) operating system.

C&P X 10.2.3 SQL Security Update
Updating to 10.2.3 will strengthen security in SQL databases (MySQL and MS SQL). Once the database is converted, previous versions of Clients & Profits will no longer be able to connect, due to not meeting the new security requirements. Make sure to update all applications before converting the database.

Windows Vista 64-bit
C&P X has been successfully tested on Window Vista 64-bit. The only difference in the installation is the application installs in Program Files (x86) by default.

SQL Server 2008
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 is now supported by Clients & Profits Pro (using Express Edition) and Enterprise Edition.

Note: there is currently an issue with importing databases using OS X, so please use Windows in the meantime (this applies to SQL Server 2005 as well).

MySQL 5.x Compatibility
Our latest supported version of MySQL is 5.0.51b, which can be found here. If a newer version is installed and isn't working, uninstall instructions for MySQL (for OS X) can be found here.

Actual ODBC Driver Compatibility
The latest version of the ODBC drivers by Actual Technologies(2.9) are not compatible with C&P X, when connecting to a database hosted by SQL Server. We are working with Actual to resolve this, but in the meantime, stay in version 2.8b.

Leopard Compatibility


Clients & Profits X 10.2 fully supports OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and ODBC connections can be established to MS SQL Server 2005 databases.


Leopard users are currently unable to make ODBC connections to C&P databases hosted with Microsoft SQL Server. R&D is researching and more will be posted as it becomes available.

Windows Vista User Account Control
Windows Vista has a new feature called User Account Control (UAC) which secures the desktop through forcing users to run in standard user mode (rather than having administrator rights).  Several programs, including C&P, can run into problems with this enabled.  For instance, the program cannot truly be uninstalled since Vista keeps an inaccessible copy of C&P even after deletion.  Users experiencing with difficulty with Windows Vista should consider disabling UAC, at least for troubleshooting.  This also prevents constant nag messages from the OS. More information on the feature available here.

Update on Windows Vista Compatibility

The workaround to connect to SMB volumes on OS X Server only works with the Business and Premium editions of Vista.  The Home editions lack the needed tools for the workaround.

Windows Vista and OS X Server

We've found that Windows Vista is unable to mount SMB volumes hosted on OS X Server out of the box. This is due to its use of NTLMv2 authentication by default. A technote detailing the workaround can be found here.

OS X 10.5 (Leopard) Compatible Version of C&P X Released

Clients & Profits X 10.2 is now available! In addition to fully supporting OS X 10.5 (Leopard) it also includes many enhancements which were nearly all submitted by users as wishlist requests

Like its predecessor, 10.1, 10.2 is a universal binary and carries all the previous optimizations for Intel-based Macs. More information on the 10.2 upgrade can be found here.

Like previous versions, C&P X 10.2 works on a wide variety of workstations and servers:

WORKSTATION: Any new Intel-based Mac (or) late-model PowerPC-based Macs with 1gb RAM and Mac OS X 10.4 or later. C&P X 10.2 also runs on any late-model Windows-based PC. Supports Windows Vista.

SERVER: Apple Xserve running Mac OS X Server 10.4.4 or later or Windows Server 2003.

The System Recommendations page has suggestions for hardware configurations and tips for maximizing your system's performance.

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Mac mini (starting at $599) Now featuring Intel CPUs! The Mac mini is a fantastic cost-effective and space-efficient option.

Apple Remote Desktop ($299 for 10 managed systems, $499 unlimited) Apple Remote Desktop (ARD for short) is a system manager's dream come true.

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