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C&P Community Stay wired with other Clients & Profits users with the e-mail discussion group. Also, find out about C&P user group meeting in your area.
System Manager Home Page  Everything you need to know about installing, configuration, and maintaining your Clients & Profits system.
FAQs An easy-to-read directory of the FAQs, tech notes, troubleshooting guides, and tips/shortcuts available for Clients & Profits, listed alphabetically by subject. 
Close Year Guided Tour This 20-minute Guided Tour illustrates the steps you need to do to close your accounting year.
Data Dictionary The key to printing custom reports is knowing which files contain the information you need. The Data Dictionary explains which information each data field contains.
Database Guide A complete do-it-yourself guide to maintaining, checking, and managing your C&P database.
Newsletters A library of Quarterly newsletters that feature useful tips, advice, and inspirational stories for Clients & Profits users, from novice to expert.
Tips An archive of weekly tips from the Clients & Profits X Helpdesk, dating back to 1997.
System Manager Blog Clients & Profits CIO Chris Lawrence blogs about system issues, new happenings with Clients & Profits, and whatever is on his mind.
Updates/Downloads Get the latest versions of the Clients & Profits X software, documentation, and extras.
Bugs/Wish List Requests If you think you've found a bug, or have a terrific idea for something new, or just want to send us a general comment about the software, we want to hear about it.

Training Classes The new-user Clients & Profits X training class presents a comprehensive overview of the new Clients & Profits X software, including job tickets, estimating and scheduling, job costing and billing, and financial accounting. 
Online Tutorials Designed to introduce new users to Clients & Profits X. It uses animation to walk users step-by-step through the basic functions of Clients & Profits X.  
On-Demand Classroom Video This on-demand video series presents the complete Clients & Profits X "new user" class as taught by Mindy Williams, Clients & Profits' expert trainer.
Interactive User Guide  Rich with detailed information on how specific pages in C&P work, including step-by-step instructions, links to tutorials, training classroom videos, and a multitude of other resources from the C&P support web site.

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