Tips for viewing C&P Training Class Videos

If you are experiencing trouble viewing the Clients & Profits training class videos using QuickTime Player or the QuickTime browser-plug-in, follow the steps below to ensure that QuickTime is properly installed on your Mac or Windows PC.
  1. The first step is to make sure that the QuickTime software is properly installed on your system. If you see the blue QuickTime logo below, the basic software you need to view movies is installed properly. If you don't, download Quicktime here.

  2. Check to be sure you're using the latest version of Quicktime Player.

  3. Enable the "Streaming on Port 80" checkbox in your Quicktime Preferences.

  4. Make sure your computer is not behind any unnecessary firewalls or obstructive routers.

  5. Check to be sure you're not experiencing any network backup, or bandwidth congestion. This commonly causes video or audio to freeze or not play at all.

  6. For Windows users, we recommend using the Firefox browser.

If you prefer to watch these videos offline, we have a CD-ROM available which you can view directly on your computer. Call Clients & Profits Sales at (800) 272-4488 for more information.

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