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Parts of the My Clients & Profits! X web server can be monitored and managed remotely from any internet connection using a web browser

This ability lets My C&P! web administrators monitor the server's usage and performance when they're outside the office - from home, an airport, a trade show, or a client's office. The remote administration functions include server status monitoring, viewing the activity log, setting the My C&P! web server's preferences, adding new web users, and updating web user access privileges. These functions appear as links on the web administrator's home page. Remote administration has no affect on regular My C&P! users.

To remotely monitor the server's status

1 Open your web browser then log onto My Clients & Profits! X with your user ID and password.

Your customized home page appears, which now includes links for remote server administration: server status, users, activity log, and preferences.

2 Use the options under the Setup menu to monitor or manage the server.

To monitor the server's status

1 Choose Setup > Server Status.

The server status link opens the My C&P! Web Server Status page.

This page is the web-page equivalent of the My C&P! X Server Status window. It shows the currently opened database, the server's current status, and the date and time the server was started. The page also lists the server's connected users (listed in order of last access to the server) and the day's activities (i.e., log entries).

To view a list of My Clients & Profits! X web users

1 Choose Setup > Web Users.

This will open the My C&P! Users page, which lists your web user accounts. User accounts are listed in alphabetical order by ID. Clicking on an account lets you edit the user's access privileges.

To edit a web user's access privileges

1 From the Web Users web page, click on the user's name.

The user's access privileges web page opens. There are limits to what user account information can be seen and changed remotely. For example, the user's password can't be changed here; for security reasons, it must be changed from the My C&P! application itself.

Each My C&P! user is identified by kind -- staffer, client, vendor, or freelancer. It can't be changed on existing user accounts; it can only be set when the account is first added. This setting determines which pages are available to users. Clients have their own custom home pages, and are limited to seeing only their jobs. Vendors can only see their POs. Freelancers have limited access to jobs and traffic.

The password is assigned by the web administrator. The user can't change his or her password. The user's password can be set to expire, preventing access to My C&P! after a certain date. A user password is required.

The account suspended option temporarily prevents a web user from using My C&P! This security option keeps the user's account active, but prevents unauthorized entry.

The no web access after option prevents a web user from accessing My C&P! after a selected date. Use this for temporary employees or contractors who should only use My C&P! for a limited time.

Staff members can be sorted by department on web server reports. Leave this field blank if you don't need to track usage by department.

Any account with the web server administrator option enabled can start, stop, monitor, and manage the My C&P! web server.

The access settings determine which pages a web user can see and use. These settings only allow a user to see a page; what they can or can't do with it is based on their access privileges in Clients & Profits X (e.g., adding job tasks, a PO limit, seeing costs, etc.)

Web users can be restricted to seeing one particular client and its jobs or vendor and its POs using the restricted to option. When a client or vendor number (or code) is entered here, the web user won't be able to see any other client's and vendor's data. This option is required for web users who are clients or vendors. It can be a useful option for web users who belong to exclusive account teams. Client and vendor numbers are available for quick reference using the Lookup menu.

The welcome message is an optional greeting that appears on each user's home page.

The Jobs access privileges determine which production, estimating, and traffic functions are available to a My Clients & Profits X! web user. If a My C&P! user is a staff member, then his or her access privileges to jobs is copied here. Web users who are clients have no automatic access to jobs; instead, the web administrator needs to specifically decide which functions the user can see by checking on the various options.

2 Make your changes, then click Save.

The changes take effect immediately.

To edit a web user account

A web user account can also be edited remotely, which can be convenient for web administrators who aren't always near the My C&P! server.

1 From the Web Users web page, click a user's initials link.

The edit web user web page opens.

2 Enter the new web user's account information.

3 Click Save.

The new user can access My Clients & Profits! X using their ID and password immediately.

To view the server's activity log

1 Choose Setup > Server Log.

The activity log link opens the Log web page, which lists the server's hits in chronological order (newest ones first). This page can take several minutes to display if the log is large.

To change the server's preferences

1 Choose Setup > Preferences.

The preferences link opens the My C&P! preferences web page, which lets you remotely change the server's settings.

The always start web server automatically at startup option tells My C&P! to start listening for hits immediately after it is opened. If this option is unchecked, the web server won't begin listening for requests until the server's administrator actually starts it.

The disable activity log option stops My C&P! from tracking how people use the web server. Logging takes an incremental amount of time, so a busy server may run better with logging disabled. Check the sound bell on hits option to have the My C&P! server notify you with a "beep!" every time someone accesses it. (Keep in mind that a busy server will beep constantly, which can be annoying.) The always start web server automatically option tells My C&P! to start listening for hits immediately after it is opened. If this option is unchecked, the web server won't begin listening for requests until the server's administrator actually starts it.

The sound bell on hits option to have the My C&P! server notify you with a "beep!" every time someone accesses it. (Keep in mind that a busy server will beep constantly, which can be annoying.).

The automatically archive activity log every Monday option tells My Clients & Profits! X to export the week's web log every Monday morning, then start a brand-new log for the week. This setting keeps your web log's size manageable (a busy shop with lots of web users could have a 10,000+ entry web log within months). The exported logs are automatically dated and stored in the same folder as your My C&P! web server. These tab-delimited text files can be opened in Excel, FileMaker, Access, or any text editor. To keep all of the web log entries together in your database, leave this setting unchecked.

The automatically stop My C&P! for nightly backup option forces My Clients & Profits! X.

The webmaster (whose name and e-mail address are entered below) can be alerted to errors automatically. The failed logins option notifies the webmaster each time someone tries to access My C&P! with an unknown user ID or password. The bad password option sends an e-mail notification when a valid user ID tries to enter an unknown or incorrect password. The allow remote administration option lets webmasters monitor the server's status, add web user accounts, and check the server's log from any web browser.

The notify about server errors option automatically sends an e-mail to the webmaster whenever any kind of error occurs.

Enter the name and e-mail address of the My C&P! webmaster here. Web users can send questions, problems, and comments to this webmaster easily from links on selected web pages. While there can be many My C&P! web administrators, there is only one designated "webmaster."

The SMTP server is either the name or IP address of your mail server. If you don't use the automatic e-mail, leave it blank.

The greeting appears on the introduce yourself page every time someone tries to access My Clients & Profits!

2 Make your changes to the server's preferences, then click Save.

The changes you make take affect immediately.

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