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My Clients & Profits X! is a web server for your Clients & Profits X database that allows anyone to manage jobs, track time and expenses, and more from any supported web browser.

Using My Clients & Profits X! The My C&P! X web server acts as a gateway between your shop's Clients & Profits database and any number of web users.

Opening a New Job The job ticket web page resembles the Job Ticket window in Clients & Profits X. The page features the job's basic details (e.g., number, client, project, name/title, etc.) and its task.

Remotely Managing My C&P! X Parts of the My Clients & Profits! web server can be monitored and managed remotely from any internet connection using a web browser.

Estimates Estimates are based on the tasks you've added to a job. So the details you enter for a task is what the client sees on the printed estimate. This is very important: Jobs are estimated by job task only. Unless a job ticket has tasks, you can't edit its estimate.

Change Orders Change orders document changes made to a job's estimate after it has been authorized. They prevent potentially costly misunderstandings between the agency and the client when a job has gone over budget.

My Calendar The My Clients & Profits X calendar is an online planning tool for both individual staff members and the company as a whole. It is designed to help you easily add, edit, and prioritize your daily activities (as well as those for different departments and the company itself), planning months into the future.

Time Sheets The need to keep detailed, accurate records of how everyone in the shop spends their time is vital to staffing, billing, productivity, and profitability. Unlike other accounting systems, time keeping is a fundamental feature in My Clients & Profits! X. That's why there are so many ways to track time, whether it's billable or unbillable.

Purchase/Insertion/Broadcast Orders Purchase, insertion, and broadcast orders account for purchases you make from vendors on a client's behalf. They are not required by My Clients & Profits X, but give you control over your purchases.

My Clients & Profits X Home Page Each My C&P! web user has their own personalized home page, whether they are a staff member, freelancer, client, or vendor. Use the menus at the top to navigate through My Clients & Profits! X, just as you would in the regular Clients & Profits application. The home page includes your company calendar, job hot sheet, in/out board, time card, and deadlines.

Monitoring your server's status The server status page is the web-page equivalent of the My C&P! X Server Status window. It shows the currently opened database, the server's current status, and the date and time the server was started.

Job Estimates Unlike the estimate window in Clients & Profits, the estimate web page has some limitations. A presentation-quality estimate can not be printed from My Clients & Profits!

Setting up a domain name for your My C&P! server
Contact your ISP and request a new domain name that points to the IP address of your My C&P! X web server. We recommend adding the prefix "my" to your shop's domain name to identify the web server. For example, an agency with the domain name of "" would name its My C&P! X web server as "" Adding a prefix to your domain name is free, unlike setting up a brand-new domain name. Either way, the name you choose for the My C&P! X web server will be entered by web users as the URL to access the Clients & Profits X database from a browser.

No limit to My Clients & Profits! users
There is no artificial limit on the number of users who can use My Clients & Profits!. The number of concurrent users is limited by the performance of the computer that's running My Clients & Profits X!, the available bandwidth of your internet connection, the speed of your Clients & Profits file server, and the amount of traffic on the network. The My Clients & Profits X! server uses one user license regardless of the number of users accessing it at one time.

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