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Change orders document changes made to a job's estimate after it has been authorized. They prevent potentially costly misunderstandings between the agency and the client when a job has gone over budget

When a change is requested (by either the client or the agency, it doesn't matter), a change order can be added then printed. The printed change order resembles an estimate. Unlike the estimate, it only shows the cost and description of the change being requested. The client signs off on a change order just like they sign off on an estimate, giving the authorization to exceed the job's estimate. A new change order is printed automatically when it is saved.

Change orders are better than printing a revised estimate, since it doesn't remind the client of the job's total cost. Clients see only the change order amount. A change order doesn't affect the job's original estimate, either. Instead, a separate change order amount is tracked for each job task.

A change order can include up to six tasks from the same job ticket. A long note can be included to explain what's being changed. Since clients will see this information, don't enter anything confidential or potentially embarrassing. Each change order has a standard type that quickly identifies the kind of change order: Additional Info, Agency Corrections, Client Revisions, F-Y-I, or a custom change order type. Task estimate and change order amounts appear on job progress reports. Both can be billed automatically in Accounts Receivable. Change orders do not require an amount, but can be used to document changes to a job even if there will not be an additional charge. E-mail will be sent to the job's traffic assignments informing them instantly of any new change orders.

To see a job's change orders

1 From the Job Ticket web page, click the Change Orders link.

The Change Orders page opens, listing the job's change orders sorted by date (newest entries first).

To see a change order's details

1 From the Change Order page, click on a change order number.

The Change Order page opens, displaying the change order's complete details.

To add a change order

1 From the Change Order page, click the add button.

The Add Change Order web page opens.

2 Select a date (if not the current date), type, subject, and description. This information appears on the printed change order, so it should be clear and complete. Type is used for reference, and doesn't affect the change order. The last option, other, supports a user-defined type of change order.

3 Enter up to six tasks and amounts. Enter the new budget and estimate gross amounts (including markups, fees, and commissions). Use the Lookup Job Tasks pop-up menu to see a list of the job's tasks.

4 Click Save.

New Feature! Change orders can now be printed from My Clients & Profits! X. Getting a presentation-quality printed change order is simple. From the Change Order web page, click the Print button.

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