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Clients & Profits features a sophisticated user-based password system to keep your database secure

The system tracks who’s using the database based on user initials. Access privileges to different parts of the system can be made available -- or disabled -- for individual users. This ability lets you limit what users can see, change, and print. There is virtually no limit to the quantity of users in your user list.

Anyone who will ever use Clients & Profits X, even just once, must first be added as a user. Every user is identified by his or her initials (or some other code; it’s your choice) and a password. Every user has his or her own password, which is unique. When a user starts Clients & Profits X, they will be prompted to enter their initials and password; if the password is wrong (they get three tries), they can’t open the C&P database.

Manager-level users can add, edit, and delete regular users, plus they can change the system’s default settings (e.g., Preferences, Report Options).

The Users file is different from Staff file. Users are people who can access Clients & Profits X, while Staff members are the shop’s employees. They are usually identical, since most employees typically use C&P. Everyone who works for the company should be added as a staff member, while only those people who will use Clients & Profits X should be added as “users.” Staff members and Clients & Profits users may have the same initials. Changing the user’s name or initials doesn’t update the staff information, and vice versa; if you change information in one window, you should change the other as well.

To see Clients & Profits X users

1 Choose Setup > Users, Access & Passwords.

To add a new user

Adding a new user is a two-part process: First, you’ll enter the user’s initials and name; then, you’ll give the user access privileges. Or, you can add a new user by cloning the access privileges of an existing user.

1 Choose Setup > Users, Access & Passwords.

2 Click the add button, or choose Edit > Add New User.

3 Enter the new user’s initials, name, and other general access privileges, then click Save.

Once the new user is saved, you can give the user his or her access privileges (see the following pages for a detailed description of each option).

To clone an existing user

Access privileges from an existing user can be copied to a new user using the “clone” command. Cloning makes it easy to add several users that do the same basic things, such as account executives.

1 Click once on the user you wish to clone, then choose Edit > Clone User.

2 Enter the new user’s initials, name, and department then click Save.

The new user’s record will be saved with the same general access privileges as the existing user. Later, you can used the tabs to change the new user's other access settings. Changing the new user’s access settings doesn’t affect the existing user.

To edit a user’s name

1 Click once on a user, then click the edit button.

2 Make your changes, then click Save.

The changes take effect immediately.

To delete a user

1 Click once on a user to select it.

2 Click the delete button, or choose Edit > Delete User.

Once a user is deleted, he or she won’t be able to open the database with their initials. You can add the user again anytime. Deleting a user doesn’t erase the work he or she has done.

To print a user list

1 Click the print button, or choose File > Print User List.

Setting automatic quit times

Clients & Profits X can automatic quit itself at a scheduled time each day to allow the database to be backed up. The Automatic Quit Times window lists each user and the time kicked out of C&P. Since backups can’t be made if Clients & Profits X is running, the daily backup won’t work if someone forgets to quit the program. The quit time is entered in hours and minutes, anytime between 6 PM and midnight. Don’t set the quit time in the morning (e.g., 1 AM), or else you’ll quit automatically when the users start working in the morn

1 Click the Quit Times link or choose Edit > Set Automatic Quit Times.

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I have given access to “cost area” for one user only to discover that after checking off certain criteria the access doesn’t seem to hold. She is the only user with this problem. She has quit out of C&P and re-entered after I have checked the boxes. She might have access for an hour or not at all. Is there a verify/recover for “Users”?

JoAnne Moore Mar 10, 09:13 AM


It sounds like the user file may have become corrupted somehow. Since there’s no way to Verify/Recover user files your best bet, given what you’ve tried already, is to delete the user in Users, Access & Passwords, then re-add them with the same password and access privileges.

This does not affect the staff file, just the user file. The staff file for this user will stay intact. If you continue to have problems, contact the Clients & Profits Helpdesk by phone or email.

Phil Mar 12, 09:23 AM
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