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How to order Clients & Profits X

Buyer's Guide
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choosing an agency management system.

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Software Proposal
The software proposal
and license agreement explains the terms and conditions for using
Clients & Profits X

Try Before You Buy
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the complete Clients &
Profits Pro software. You can use the demo database with your own clients, jobs, etc.

Clients & Profits X is the only software you need to manage jobs, costs, billings, and financial accounting.

Whether you're upgrading your existing Clients & Profits software, replacing an old accounting program, or automating a manual system, you'll find Clients & Profits X a tremendous addition to your business.

It's all your shop needs to manage jobs, costs, billing, and your accounting -- whether your staff uses Macs, PCs, or both (and even from the internet with the new My Clients & Profits! web server).

Clients & Profits X is available for Macintosh and Windows.

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X upgrade questions

What to do next - how to order Clients & Profits X

Decide how many concurrent users will need to use Clients & Profits X

   2. Decide whether you want My Clients & Profits! for your web users

   3. Complete the Order Form then print the Software Proposal and License Agreement

   4. Read and sign the license agreement (be sure to initial each page)

   5. Fax the signed agreement to (760) 945-2365

   A sales representative will then contact you about arranging for delivery.

Clients & Profits X Pricing - no modules, no hidden charges, no surprises
  • One-time charge A single-user version of Clients & Profits Pro X costs $11,499* per location. A single-user version of Clients & Profits Job Tracker X costs $7,799*, while a single-user version of Clients & Profits Classic X costs $4,999*. The optional My Clients & Profits! web server costs $2,499. There are no additional up-front charges. Shipping and sales tax are not included.

  • Additional users Additional concurrent users cost $599 each.

  • No monthly fees There are no monthly license or usage fees to use Clients & Profits X. Your one-time charge includes a perpetual license to use the software.

  • Support Unlimited, toll-free telephone and web-based support for Clients & Profits X-related product and technical questions is provided as part of your annual support subscription. Your support subscription also includes quarterly updates (available via download only), quarterly newsletters, database repair services, and access to the Clients & Profits web site and user group list server. Support subscriptions cost 15% of the software list price.

  • What's Included You'll get the The Clients & Profits X software for the Mac OS and Windows on CD, a printed Installation Guide, and one Feature Guide.

  • Availability Clients & Profits X is available now. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

    * Prices and terms are subject to change. Please refer to the Software Proposal and License Agreement for details


Important Information
- things you should know about Clients & Profits X
  • What's not Included Server hardware, system software, installation, on-site training.

  • Performance While the Clients & Profits X software should work on a wide variety of existing hardware, it's performance on any specific configuration is not guaranteed. The actual number of concurrent users supported by C&P Pro is based on the ability of your hardware and network to handle the volume.

  • Training End-user training is available on-site from our freelance trainers and consultants. Prices, terms, and working methods vary.

  • Web Security Web pages from the My Clients & Profits! web server can only be accessed by users who log in with a valid ID and password. My Clients & Profits! does not support SSL, so it can't establish secure connections between the web server and a user's browser. User web passwords should be changed frequently to prevent unauthorized users from seeing the shop's web pages. While the information in your web pages are reasonably safe from unauthorized access, it is possible for data from your web pages to be "sniffed" while moving through the internet. Clients & Profits Worldwide will not be held liable for security breaches of your My Clients & Profits! web server.

  • Support Technical support for Clients & Profits X will be limited to questions about installing, setting up, running, and managing the C&P X software. The C&P Helpdesk can offer only limited help for troubleshooting network, internet, and system problems involving Clients & Profits X In addition, the C&P Helpdesk does not provide technical support for TCP/IP, Windows, networks, or for configuring your server hardware or network.

  • Updates/Upgrades Software updates are included for as long as you use Clients & Profits X and have a current Clients & Profits support subscription. Upgrades may be offered for an additional charge.

  • Order Today The software proposal and license agreement explains important terms and conditions for running Clients & Profits X and the optional My Clients & Profits! web server and is required before purchasing.
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