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The Find Journal Entries window is a fast, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use way to find selected entries from your General Ledger

The Find window lets you search your Clients & Profits database for journal entries from the entire fiscal year (or both accounting years, if you haven’t yet closed the previous year).

Its powerful search engine lets you find the accounting equivalent of a “needle in the haystack,” one journal entry out of tens of thousands in your General Ledger. It lets you find journal entries by reference number (i.e., an invoice number, check number, etc.), account number (e.g., all JEs for “depreciation”), entry date, date posted, and amount (e.g., all office expense entries for $150, within a range of $10).

Journal entries are most commonly found by reference number. For example, you might confirm that an A/R invoice was posted correctly by finding its JEs by reference number (i.e., the invoice number). Clients & Profits will list the invoice’s debit and credit journal entries. Entries are sorted in chronological order, based on the order in which they were posted. Once found, double-clicking on a journal entry in the list displays the complete transaction (i.e., all of its debit and credit JEs) in the General Ledger window.

Each time you open the Find Journal Entries window, the most-recently found set of journal entries will be displayed for your convenience. To find journal entries

1 Choose Accounting > General Ledger.

The last-added G/L transaction appears automatically as a timesaver. For example, if you’d just posted a check, its debits and credits would appear instantly when you opened the General Ledger window.

2 Click the find button (or choose Find JEs from the File menu).

3 Choose a find method using the find by pop-up menu.

4 Enter the value of the journal entries you wish to find, then click Find.

The journal entries for the values you’ve selected will be displayed.

To find a JE by reference number

If you know the transaction’s reference number (i.e., invoice number, check number, etc.) you can find its JEs easily:

1 Click the find button (or choose Find JEs from the File menu).

2 Enter the transaction’s reference number.

Unlike finding invoices or checks, you’ll need to include the reference number’s prefix when finding G/L entries: AP# (Accounts Payable), AR# (Accounts Receivable), CK# (the Checkbook), PMT# (Client Payments), WIP#(Media Accruals), or EXP#(Employee Expense Reports). The prefix tells Clients & Profits X which part of the system posted the entries. General journal entries usually begin with JE#, but it depends on how users typed them in.

3 Choose a "show" option using the pop-up menu, then click Find.

Not sure about an entry’s reference number?

Use the "show" pop-up menu to find journal entries by begin with or contain some part of a reference number.

When finding JEs by reference number, the “exact match” show option is used. If you’re not exactly sure of an entry’s reference number, choose “contains” or “begins with” from the pop-up menu. This tells Clients & Profits to find journal entries that either contains or begins with some part of the reference number you entered.

Finding JEs by amount

Sometimes you may be looking for a $150 entry, but don’t know its reference number. The find-by-amount option makes it easy. Click the Find button, choose Amount from the Find by menu, then enter a dollar amount. Clients & Profits X will search the G/L, listing all $150 journal entries.

In addition, you can enter an optional amount that searches for JEs within some dollar range (for example, entries within $10 of some amount) by searching date or G/L number. Click the Find button, the choose either Account Number, Date, or Date Posted from the Find by menu. You’ll see the Show option change to "amounts" and the option to enter two amounts. To find all JEs posted on 12/13/06 for $150, plus or minus $10 you’d enter the date (?12/13/06?) then "$150" then "$10."

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