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Introduce Yourself Clients & Profits X starts up like any other Windows or Macintosh application: simply double-click on the program, open the database, then introduce yourself.

The Information Center gives you a quick, convenient way to work through Clients & Profits X. The Information Center window opens automatically whenever you start Clients & Profits.

The Staff file contains the company's employees. Staff records are used by time cards and time sheets. Anyone whose time is tracked is added as a staff member.

Clients & Profits online tutorial
The online tutorial is designed to introduce new users to Clients & Profits. It uses animation to walk users step-by-step through the basic functions of Clients & Profits X: opening a new job, estimating, scheduling, entering time, tracking job costs, and billing a client.

Get hands-on with Clients & Profits
A self-guided, hands-on version of the online tutorial is included on the Clients & Profits CD. The hands-on tutorial uses the actual Clients & Profits X software and a special tutorial database to learn the program. Download both the tutorial database and guide here.

Let the Info Center message do the talking.
Need to remind employees of staff meetings, people who are out for the day, client presentations, and even a newly-acquired account? Keep everyone up-to-date with the C&P Info Center message. You've probably seen it -- it's the text that appears at the bottom of the Information Center window. What a lot of people don't know is that it's customizable. To enter a message, choose Setup > Agency Information. Then type in the message in the Info Center Msg and click Save. Your message will appear for everyone to see until it is changed.

A quick way to set up user access
When setting up each user's access, use the "All" or "None" buttons as a starting point. You'll have less work to do as you fine tune their access. For example, if a user will generally have lots of access to jobs, click the "All" button, then fine tune their access by taking away privileges. (Choose Setup > Users, Access & Passwords. Highlight the person whose access you wish to edit, then click the Access button. You'll see "All" or "None" buttons in the each of the access privileges windows.)

Fiscal accounting year is user defined
Regardless of when your fiscal year begins, Clients & Profits X can accommodate. Choose Setup > Preferences. From the Preferences menu, choose Accounting Periods. Type in the months of the year, starting with the month that is period 1 for your agency. There are either 15 or 24 spaces to type in the months. The extra 3 or 12 spaces allow you to work into the next year without having to rush to close the current year.

Feature Guide
Adobe Acrobat-based versions of the new Clients & Profits X Feature Guide can be downloaded here:

Contents (258.60KB)
Introduction (1.66MB)
Getting Started (2.72MB)
Jobs (3.63MB)
Costing (3.25MB)
Media (1.88MB)
Billing, A/R, Client Payments (3.40MB)
General Ledger (1.92MB)
Snapshots (1.62MB)
Settings, Options, Preference (3.69MB)
Appendix (46.17KB)
Index (266.85KB)

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