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What is the latest update of Clients & Profits and do we really need to be working in the latest version of the program available? What new features, fixes and enhancements are included in the new 10.4 upgrade? Is it important to fix the items listed on the Out of Balance Checker right away? Get the answers to these questions and more in May's Top FAQs.

You can access the C&P Online User Guide anytime from anywhere in the program by simply clicking the help icon in the window you're working in. This web-based user guide features step- by-step instructions, tips, explanations, and links to FAQs, tech notes, best practice guides, and video tutorials. It’s continually updated, so it’s more timely and helpful than a printed user guide.

FAQ OF THE MONTH After receiving an approved estimate, what do you do when changes happen? Send a revised estimate which just reminds a client how much they are already spending? A better way would be to send a change order. With a change order, the client will only see the amount of the change. The Change Orders FAQ answers to frequently-asked questions about how Clients & Profits X manages change orders.

Why do job tasks need a debit and credit G/L account number? Why doesn't Clients & Profits print payroll checks? Why should you use the Cash Flash? Get the inside information from the Accounting FAQs page.

What is a status alert? How does someone know what jobs they're responsible for? What's the difference between traffic milestones and job status? The Production FAQs page has all the answers.

Bank Reconciliation
Change Orders
Chart of Accounts
Closing the Year
Creative Briefs
Customizing Estimates
Financial Analysis Using Ratios
G/L Sub-Classes
General Ledger
Expense Reports
Job Cost Transfers
Job Diary
Job Numbers
Job Scheduling
Media Link
Media Accruals
Overhead Allocation
Printing Specifications
Profit Centers
Purchase Orders
Sales Commissions
Sales Tax
Task Table
Work in Progress


Performance Troubleshooting
When trying to determine the cause of slowness in C&P, it's helpful to take a step back and look at all of the factors involved. Beyond the program itself, there is a local environment, network topology, database, and server to consider. Faults with any of these can lead to less-than-optimal performance and faults with more than one can greatly multiply the problem.

Custom Report Tips
The built-in Clients & Profits report writer lets users create custom job lists, client summaries, accounting reports, and more without rekeying jobs, clients, costs, and oth er data. This tech note expands on the information provided in the Custom Reports chapter of the user guide.

Importing logos
With a scanner and Photoshop, your shop's logo can be pasted into your Clients & Profits database. This means invoices, estimates, purchase orders, insertion orders, and statements can be printed on plain paper, replacing expensive stationery or complicated preprinted forms.

Advanced Bank Reconciliation
Connecting to C&P via ODBC using a Windows 64-bit OS
Configuring Windows 7 for C&P
Connecting to OS X servers using Windows Vista
Configuring ODBC access
Cross Platform Sharing
Saving C&P Reports as PDFs
Remote Printing
Internet Access Security
Installation Troubleshooting
Importing Data From Other Programs
Backing Up

Database Guide
The Clients & Profits Database Guide is a complete do-it -yourself guide to maintaining, checking, and managing your C&P database. You'll find easy-to-understand explanations about how the database works, why it can become damaged, and how to troubleshoot data problems. It's an essential resource for anyone who has to manage Clients & Profits.

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Cross-platform FAQs

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OS X Server
Custom Reports
C&P E-mail

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