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Since general journal entries don’t update the G/L balances until they are posted, they can be easily edited and deleted

While the General Ledger shows journal entries from all parts of Clients & Profits X (i.e., A/P, A/R, the checkbook, and Client Payments), only general journal entries can be edited, cloned, and deleted.

To clone a journal entry

Cloning makes an exact duplicate of an existing transaction’s debit and credit journal entries. You can clone any general journal entry, even from previous periods.

1 Use the Find window to locate the general journal transaction you wish to clone.

2 Choose Edit > Clone Journal Entries.

The Add Journal Entries window opens, displaying the newly-cloned transaction. The new entry has today’s date, the current period, and the next automatic reference number (copied from your accounting preferences). But the description and debit and credit journal entries are identical to the original transaction.

3 Make any necessary changes to the cloned debits and credits, then click Save.

Once saved, the cloned entry can be proofed and posted like any other entry.

To edit a journal entry

1 From General Ledger window, find the transaction you wish to change.

2 Double-click on a journal entry.

The Edit Journal Entry window opens, displaying the entry’s G/L account, period, date, description, job, client, vendor, and debit or credit amount. If the journal entry is posted, only the description can be changed. To prevent unbalanced entries, an entry’s accounting period and date, can’t be changed -- whether or not the entry has been posted. The entry’s account number, reference number, description, client number, job number, and vendor number can be changed.

3 Make your changes, then click Save.

Editing reference numbers. If you change the reference number on one journal entry, be sure to change it on the other entries in a transaction. Since entries are shown by reference number, entries with different numbers won’t appear together.

To edit a journal entry’s amounts

1 Choose Edit > Edit Amounts.

The Edit G/L Amounts window lists the transaction’s debit and credit
journal entries. You can edit these amounts by simply typing in the new amounts over the old ones.

2 Make your changes, then click Save.

The total debits must equal the total credits or else your changes won’t be saved.

To delete a journal entry

Only unposted journal entries can be deleted. (Once a journal entry is posted, it can’t be deleted -- however, adjusting entries can be made to reverse it or it can be unposted.) Journal entries are deleted by transaction, not by individual entry, to prevent unbalanced entries.

1 From the General Ledger window, find the transaction you wish to delete.

2 Choose Edit > Delete

To delete all unposted journal entries, including any upcoming recurring entries, choose Edit > Delete All Unposted JEs.

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