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Since time entries don’t affect the General Ledger, they can be changed and deleted easily.  

Time entries aren’t posted separately like vendor invoices, there are no proof lists and no unposting. If an entry is wrong, you’d simply correct it -- or delete it and re-enter it. Once a time entry is billed, however, it can’t be modified.

To edit a time entry

1 From the Time Sheets window, find the time entry you wish to edit.

If you know the entry’s record number you can find it directly; if so, the Time Entry window opens automatically, prompting you to make your changes. If you don’t know the entry’s record number, you’ll need to find it by browsing through the staffer’s time sheets. Once you’ve found the entry, double-click on it.

If the time entry has billed, the Time Entry window opens but doesn’t allow changes.

2 Make your changes.

If the time is unbilled, everything about a time entry (except the staff initials and the date posted) can be changed. To make a change, simply enter a new value over the old value. If you change the job number and task, the time will be removed from the original job task and posted to the new one. Changing the hours or rates recalculates the net cost and gross amounts. (If you don’t have access to rates, they’ll be invisible.) You can change the entry’s billing status (from unbilled to unbillable, for example) by simply typing over the existing status.

3 Click Save.

To delete a time entry

Any unbilled time entry can be deleted. Once an entry has been billed, it can’t be changed or deleted. When a time entry is deleted, the cost and gross amounts are deducted from the job task.

1 Choose Time Sheets from the Accounting menu.

2 Choose Find from the File menu to find the time sheet containing the time entry.

You’ll see a time sheet containing the time entry and others like it.

3 Click once on the time entry you wish to delete.

4 Choose Delete Entry from the Edit menu.

To delete a time sheet

All of the entries on a time sheet can be deleted together using the Delete Time Sheet command. Use it when the entire time sheet is incorrect. Deleting a time sheet removes all of its time entries. Any unbilled time entry on the time sheet will be deleted (if a time entry is billed, it will be skipped). When a time sheet is deleted, the cost and gross amounts are deducted from the job task for each time entry. Deleting a time sheet is permanent, although the time could be re-entered again.

1 Find the time sheet you wish to delete.

2 Choose Edit > Delete Time Sheet.

To clone a time sheet

Cloning duplicates a staff member’s time sheet, making an exact copy of the day’s time -- including its jobs and tasks -- onto a new time sheet.

For administrative, media, and other departments that tend to work on the same jobs and tasks, cloning can be a big time saver. Instead of typing in the same job and task every day, cloning enters it for you. It’s less useful for creatives and production staffers, since their days are too varied.

A cloned time sheet is fully enterable, so you can easily change any of the time sheet’s entries before saving it. Editing the cloned time sheet doesn’t affect the original.

1 Find the time sheet you wish to clone.

2 Choose Edit > Clone.

3 Make any changes to the new entries, then click Save.

Learn more about working with time sheets in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 4:13

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