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Broadcast orders are added, edited, revised, printed, and billed like purchase orders and insertion orders. Dozens of separate media buys can be added for the same station on a broadcast order.  

Like insertion orders, broadcast orders are added in two steps: first the header then the media buys. The order's header contains the vendor, date, ad name, flight dates, and description.

For more information, see the Media FAQ.

Learn how to add and edit broadcast orders in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 5:07

To add a broadcast order

1 From the Insertion/Broadcast Orders window choose Edit > Add Broadcast Order.

The Add New Broadcast Order window opens, prompting you to enter the new order’s header information.

2 Press Tab to keep the broadcast order’s order number.

New broadcast orders are numbered automatically based on your preferences, but the number can also be entered manually. The broadcast order number is limited to twelve characters.

3 Enter the broadcast order’s station (i.e., vendor).

The same vendor list is used for purchase, insertion, and broadcast orders. If you don’t know the vendor number, leave it blank then press Tab open the vendor lookup list. Double-click on a vendor to copy its number to your new broadcast order.

4 Enter the order date, commission, flight dates, ad name, and other details about this order.

The commission percentage is copied from the vendor account, but can be changed on a broadcast order without affecting other orders. These fields appear in the heading of the broadcast order. The standard field headings are designed for typical spot buys, but can be customized.

5 Enter the additional instructions and the traffic instructions.

These fields provide space for a long block of text. This text appears in the printed broadcast order.

6 Enter the broadcast order’s job and task.

The broadcast order must have a job and task for accurate cost tracking. When the order’s buys are saved, the job task’s Net PO balance is updated.

7 Enter the media buyer and media rep approval lines.

The approval lines print on the broadcast order with instructions for the media rep.

8 Click Save.

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