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The broadcast media plan is incomplete without spot buys for times and programs. A separate spot buy is added for each time or program during which the ad will run.

A broadcast plan could have dozens of buys for different stations and programs. There’s no limit to the number of stations and programs that can be ordered for the plan’s two-week flight.

Spot buys on broadcast media plans use information from the Stations table, so you don’t need to reenter the station name and address. (If you don’t know the name of the station, the lookup list opens automatically.) Time, program, rating, and cost information is copied from the Times/Programs table, and can be customized on any spot buy. The time/program name is important. If the time/program name is found in the Times/Programs table, its rating cost is copied to the space buy. If the name doesn’t match, you’ll need to enter the program’s rating and per-spot cost manually. To see a list of the station’s times and programs, click the Lookup Times/Programs button to open the lookup list; double-clicking on a time/program copies it to the spot buy.

You’ll enter the number of times a spot will run during each day of the flight. Clients & Profits X Pro calculates the buy’s total cost, rating, number of spots automatically. This information appears on the printed broadcast plan and media worksheet.

You can add, change, and remove spot buys from a broadcast media plan any time -- just like tasks can be added, edited, and removed from jobs. Once you’ve added all of the media plan’s spot buys, it can be printed for the client’s approval.

To add a broadcast spot buy

1 Choose Media > Broadcast Media Plans.

The Broadcast Media Plans window opens, listing the last-added broadcast media plan.

2 Find the broadcast plan you wish to use.

3 Click the add Buy button.

The add broadcast buy window opens.

4 Enter the spot buy’s station code, then press Tab.

If you don’t know the station code, leave it blank then press Tab to open the lookup list. Double-click on a station to copy it to this spot buy. You can also add a new station from the Lookup window by clicking the Add button.

5 Enter the dates, days, and times these spots will run.

6 Enter the time or program.

To see a list of the station’s times and programs, click on the Lookup Times/Programs button. Double-clicking on a time/program copies it to the spot buy. If the time/program has been already set up, its rating and cost will appear automatically.

7 Enter the name/title for the spot that will run on this station.

8 Enter the total number of times the spot will run during the flight.

9 Enter the length of each spot (e.g., :30 for 30 seconds).

10 Enter the optional buy notes, then click Save.

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