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Any kind of ad space ordered on behalf of a client should be tracked with insertion orders. They are essential for accurate job costing. They allow media costs to be committed to a job before the publication’s invoice is posted. You’ll know at any given time how much media space is ordered.

Insertion orders are designed primarily for print space buys, but are completely customizable. The insertion order’s field labels can be easily tailored for outdoor, internet, and other types of media. Insertion orders can be added by users, or created automatically from media estimates or print media plans. Once insertion orders are saved, they can be pre-billed immediately (showing one insertion order by client invoice) or billed in batches on a media invoice. For easy reconciliation, each space buy is updated with the A/R invoice number and the billed amount once the insertion order is invoiced.

When the ad eventually runs, it will be invoiced by the pub. As the pub’s invoice is posted, the insertion order’s balance decreases. The open purchase/insertion order report keeps a running balance of open commitments, showing how much you’ve ordered that hasn’t been invoiced by its pubs. Once the invoice is posted into A/P, an insertion order can’t be changed.

Insertion orders can be approved by authorized users. Once an insertion order has been approved it cannot be changed. Only the user who approved the insertion order can unapprove it.

Insertion orders have separate preferences from purchase orders. The agency name, address, disclaimer, and logo can be different than purchase orders. (This is especially useful for in-house agencies that need to maintain a separate identity from the corporation in order to get agency discounts.) Insertion orders are numbered separately from purchase orders, and have a unique numbering sequence to keep them apart.

The vendor’s rep name, phone, and fax number are copied from the Publication Table when an insertion order is added, but can be edited directly on the insertion order through the Vendor Info window if needed.

Insertion orders can be cloned, like purchase orders. Cloning an existing insertion order makes an exact duplicate that you can modify then print. Changing the new insertion order doesn’t affect the original insertion order.

Anyone can add an insertion order if they have the access privileges to purchase orders. Also, insertion orders can be added from any computer running Clients & Profits X. Many users can add IOs at the same time.

For more information, see the Media FAQ.

Learn how to add insertion orders in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 4:48

To add an insertion order

1 Choose Accounting > Purchase/Insertion Orders.

2 Choose Edit > Add > Insertion Order.

The Add Insertion Order window opens. The new insertion may be numbered automatically (based on your preferences); if so, you’ll see the next number. If not, you can enter your own insertion order number.

The insertion order number can contain any combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. The number is limited to twelve characters.

3 Enter the new insertion order’s vendor number.

Insertion orders are added for one vendor, so a vendor number is required. One vendor can produce many publications so the specific publication name is entered on the Publication field.

If you don’t know the vendor number, leave it blank then press Tab. The vendor lookup list opens, displaying your vendors. Double-click on a vendor to copy its number to your new insertion order.

4 Enter the insertion order’s job and task.

The insertion order must have a job and task for accurate cost tracking. When the insertion order is saved, the media’s cost will update the job task’s Net POs balance.

5 Enter the publication, issue date, ad/caption, and other details.

These fields appear in the body of the printed insertion order. The standard settings are designed for typical print buys, but can be customized (without affecting other insertion orders).

Blanket Insertion Orders

A blanket order is an order that is valid for a specified period of time and authorizes multiple orders during that time period, as long as the total dollars on the insertion order are not exceeded. Blanket insertion orders limit the types of goods or services that can be ordered, and may also limit the order amounts. Most Blanket orders are issued by one department for their own use, but soem Blanket orders cover the entire company.

Because blanket orders generate multiple invoices for various dollar amounts over their life, it is more effective to receive IN DOLLARS with blanket orders. Specific quantities of goods are not specified on the order, so it is impossible to receive a "quantity" of goods or services. You should enter a receipt for the total dollar amount of the invoice you are approving, unless you wish to pay a lesser amount.

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We have found that on POs when you click the approval the signature shows on the order. How can we get an approval signature to show up on an Insertion Order? This is critical to being able to send pdf’s of orders to pubs. Thanks

Debbi Ring Feb 16, 05:28 AM

Hi Debbi. Media orders are not set up to print the PO approvals signature, but it sounds like a good wish list item. You can submit a request to have this feature added in a future update to Clients & Profits at /support/bugs/

Remember to select “Wish List Request” from the “Type” drop-down menu when submitting your request.

Thanks for the suggestion!

Phil Feb 16, 08:30 AM
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