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The Add Media Brief (Campaign) window lets you create a media brief/campaign for use by media plans, media estimates, and media orders.

Media briefs (which are also used as campaigns) allow media and account services people to see all of a client’s media campaigns in one window. Users are able to see quickly and clearly the theme, status (approved, pending, etc.), start/end dates, and objective for each media campaign.

To add a new media brief (campaign)

1 Click the add button, or choose Edit > Add Media Brief.

The Add Media Brief (Campaign) window opens, prompting you to enter the new media brief's details.


2 Enter a client number, or leave the field blank then press Tab to use the Lookup List.

This is the client who will authorize and approve the media campaign. Every media brief (campaign) must have a valid client number. A Media brief (campaign) can't be added for companies that don't have an account set up in Clients.

3 Enter the campaign ID for the media brief (campaign).

A campaign ID is required for each media brief (campaign) created. The Campaign ID is a user defined code, that should help you in quickly telling a media campaign apart from the others. It can contain up to 10 (alpha/numeric) characters, and appears when the media brief is printed, and on the media brief list report.

4 Enter the campaign name

The campaign name is the title/name of the media brief (campaign), and should refer briefly its theme or purpose. This information is optional, but is also helpful in identifying and telling media briefs apart from one another. It can contain up to 40 (alpha/numeric) characters, and is also user defined. The campaign name is listed when the media brief is printed, and also appears on the media brief list report.

5 Enter the media brief/campaign's start date and end date.

The start date refers to the first day ads will be running for a media campaign. The end date is the last day ads air/appear in a media campaign. These dates appear when the media brief is printed, and on the media brief list report.

6 Enter the name of the media rep who will be performing most of the planning/ordering for this campaign.

The rep's name will appear on the printed media brief.

7 Enter the initials of your shop's account executive who is also servicing this client.

These initials are listed on the media brief when printed.

8 Your log-in initials will appear by default under “Added by” and on the media brief when printed.

9 Enter the objective of the media brief (campaign).

The objective should include a description of what the media campaign hopes to accomplish, what its goals are, and any other details about its purpose. It can be as brief or as detailed as you want. This information is optional, but when entered it does appear on the media brief when printed.

10 Enter additional details for the media brief (campaign) by choosing a topic from the pop-up menu, then entering the text.

The pop-up menu includes headings for the media audience, media schedule, and supporting events. You’re able to record the main audience’s target age, gender, occupation, and lifestyle; any media recommendations, and/or scheduling details; plus any supporting exhibits (such as a trade show, event sponsorship, live promotion, etc.) for this media brief (campaign). Any text entered under these headings will appear when the media brief is printed.

11 Enter campaign's budget amounts for various kinds of media.

You’re able to enter media budget amounts for any kind of media. List how much the media department has been approved to spend on Broadcast, Cable, Radio, Newspaper, Magazine, Outdoor, Interactive, and/or Other types of media. Any amounts entered will appear on the printed media brief.

12 Enter the status of the media brief (campaign).

Information entered here is user-defined, and should easily tell what stage the media brief (campaign) is currently at. It will be easier to quickly determine a media campaign’s status if you work from a limited list of options and be consistent in their use. Sample options can include: pending, approved, on-hold, under review, finished + more. The media brief (campaign) status appears on both the printed media brief and media brief list report.

13 Click Save.

Once a new media brief is saved, it can be printed from the Media Briefs (Campaigns) window by clicking the print toolbar button.

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