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The Media Calendar window is an on-line calendar especially for media buyers /planners/directors that contains information about the month’s media buy deadlines, meetings, etc.

The Clients & Profits X media calendar is an online planning tool for both individual media department members and the company as a whole. It is designed to help you easily add, edit, and prioritize your daily activities (as well as those for different departments and the company itself), planning months into the future.

At a glance you can see the space reservation deadlines and material due dates so vendors are contacted in a timely manner for ad placement. Users are also able to enter detailed information about any media events, meetings, etc. for the month to help manage his/her time any day during the month.

The media calendar is universal, so everybody in your shop who uses Clients & Profits X can see the department's upcoming space closings, material due dates, and scheduled meetings.

The Media Calendar automatically displays, one month at a time, space reservation deadlines from media plans and/or media estimates, and material due dates from insertion orders and/or broadcast orders.

M/ = Material Due. The number will refer to the insertion or broadcast order.
S/ = Space Close. The number will refer to the media estimate or media plan of the media buy.

You can also enter information about upcoming client meetings, internal agency meetings, and media events directly into the Media Calendar.

To view the Media Calendar:

1 Choose Media > Media Calendar

The Media Calendar window appears for the current month. You also have the option to view future (or past) media information -- just use the pull-down menu bars to select another month and/or year.

2 Click on the previous month or next month toolbar buttons to see past and future media calendars.

3 Click on the print calendar toolbar button to print a hard copy of the currently displayed media calendar.

To add a media calendar entry:

1 From the menu bar, choose Media > Media Calendar

2 Click on the add entry toolbar button.

The Add Media Calendar Entry window appears.

3 Enter the Date, Time, and Location of the media event in these fields.

4 Enter details about the event itself in the following fields. Include what the Action/Event is, a brief Description, and assign a Priority (Low, Normal, High) to it.

5 Enter how many days in advance you want to be notified at in the Notify via e-mail __ day(s) in advance field.

This optional reminder will send an automatic e-mail the number of days in advance you've specified.

6 Enter the client code if the media event is for a particular client.

If it's more general in nature, like an internal agency meeting pertaining to several clients, leave the Client field blank.

7 Assign and update the status of the media event (i.e. pending, confirmed, on-hold, rescheduled, canceled, etc.) as needed in the Status field.

Day-at-a-Glance Calendar

You can view all media deadlines and events entered for a specific day with the Day-at-Glance Calendar. In one window, it displays everything you need to know in a hurry about a media buy or event. Find out when, what, where, and for whom the action is taking place.

The Time displayed lets you know exactly when the deadline is or when the event is taking place.

Action/Event/Work to Do provides a brief explanation of the media event.

Location tells you where the media event is taking place - at the agency, the client's, trade show, promotional event, etc.

If it only affects one of your media clients, the Client code will be shown.

The Status will let you know the current state of the media event.

To view the Day-at-a-Glance Calendar:

1 Choose Media > Media Calendar

2 Choose a month/year, and click on a day (1-31).

The Time, Action/Event/Work to Do, Location, Client, and Status of each deadline/event is displayed for that day.

3 Click previous day or next day toolbar buttons to see past and future dates.

4 Click on the add toolbar button to add a media calendar entry.

6 Click on the edit toolbar button to revise information in a media calendar entry.

7 Click on a media event to select it, and then click the delete toolbar button to remove it from the Day-at-a-Glance Calendar.

8 Click on the print toolbar button to print a hard copy of the Day-at-a-Glance Calendar.

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