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The Day-at-a-Glance window shows you what you have scheduled for the day

With color-coded priorities, time, location, client, and status information, you will be able to easily see where you need to be, what you need to do, and where you can squeeze more into your day.
Using the tool bar buttons, to-do entries can be added with just a few mouse-clicks.

The media department can use this window which lists due dates and times for materials and space closings, along with any meetings, events, etc. scheduled that day for Media Department personnel during the chosen month. Space closing deadlines from media plans and estimates, and materials due dates from insertion orders and broadcast orders automatically appear on the Day-at-a-Glance Calendar. Media staff are also able to record and manage all upcoming meetings, events, and other media related work for any day during any given month. It keeps everyone in your media department informed about what’s happening, when it’s due, and more.

To add a new daily calendar entry

1 Choose the calendar you wish to use using the calendar pop-up menu.

2 Click the add button.

3 Enter the date and time of the new event.

While Clients & Profits X will automatically fill in the current date and time, you can change it to any future date and any time. Time is entered using a 24-hour clock (i.e., military time), but will appear as AM or PM on a 12-hour clock.

4 Enter the event’s location.

5 Enter a descriptive name on the Action/Event field.

The event name appears on the calendar as well as in the Day-at-a-Glance window, so make sure it is meaningful.

6 Enter a description for the event.

The description field is free-form and can hold an unlimited number of characters. Remember that the description appears on the printed Day-at-a-Glance calendar, so brevity is good.

7 Assign a priority for the entry.

Daily events can be prioritized as high, normal, or low, and appear as color-coded dots in the Day-at-a-Glance window. Priorities, as well as any other information, can be edited at any time.

8 Enter the days in advance you would like to receive an e-mail reminder about the upcoming event.

Clients & Profits X will automatically send you an e-mail message on the morning you’ve requested a notification.

9 Enter the client code if the meeting is in regard to a particular client.

10 Enter the event status, such as “tentative” or “confirmed.”

11 Click Save.

To edit a calendar entry

1 Click the edit button.

2 Make your changes.

3 Click Save.

To delete a calendar entry

1 From the Day-at-a-Glance window, click the action or event to select it.

2 Click the delete button.

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