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The approval request gets the approval process rolling.

Any staff member can add an approval request for jobs, purchase ordes, media plans, invoices, and more. Adding an approval request is easy: find the record for which you need approval, add the request, enter its details, then click Save. The approval process is 100% paperless.

General job approvals, as well as approval requests for content (artwork) and job tasks are added from the Job Approvals window. Specific job approval requests are added from:

Creative brief
Change orders

Get a complete overview of the Approval Manager in this Clients & Profits classroom video training session.
Running time: 5:15

Adding other approval requests   Approval requests for proposals, purchase orders, media plans, media estimates, insertion orders, A/P invoices, and A/R invoices are added by clicking on the Add Request button at the bottom those windows. All approval requests are listed together in the Approval Managerwindow.

The Approval Manager is not available in C&P Classic X.

To add a job approval request

1  From the Job Ticket window, click the approvals link.

2  Click the add button.

The Add Job Approval Request window opens:

  Enter the approval request's details.

The step/description describes the type of request being made. It identifies this request on the Approval Manager window and makes up the subject on the notification e-mail.

All of the staff members who can approval this type of request, as well as the client contacts with content approval, appear is the to be approved by drop-down menu. You can select any name from the menu to approve your request. A staff member may be chosen automatically from a setting in approval preferences which you can change.

Only one staff member or client contact can be selected to approve a request (however, there is no limit to the number of approval requests you can make).

Enter the date and time (which is optional) you need the approval by in the needed when field. If you want this approval request rushed, click on the RUSH checkbox; this will appear in the Approval Manager and in the subject of the notification e-mail.

The optional instructions can be used to explain why you need this request approved. It's a place to make your case for approval, or at least to help the approver understand what you're asking for. The instructions are included in the notification e-mail and also appear in the Edit Approval Request window. They can be changed any time.

The optional status note can be used to give this approval request a little more information. It works similarly to the status note on job tickets and purchase orders. Approval requests can be sorted by status note in the Approval Manager window.

If this approval request involves content (i.e., artwork, copy, layouts, etc.) you can select any digital file to attach to the notification e-mail. To attach a file, click the Get File to Approve button the choose the file from the Open dialog box. Any kind of file can be attached, but smaller files are recommended since they are e-mailed. A preview of the graphic will be displayed if it is gif, jpg, or tif file.

Only one file can be selected per approval request. If you have multiple files that need approval, you'll need to add them as separate requests.

3  Click Save.

The new approval request will be e-mail immediately to the approver's e-mail address. It will also appear instantly in their Approval Manager window. You will be notified via e-mail when the request has been approved, approved with conditions or changes, or rejected.
Your approval requests will appear in your Approval Manager window (choose My > My Approvals) where you can track the status of the requests you've made, as well as those made of you. Your approval requests can be easily changed by double-clicking on a request in the Approval Manager window, saving any changes, then clicking the resend button to notify the approver.

If the approval request was sent to a client, they'll receive an e-mail with the request's description, instructions, and the attached file. The client can either reply to your e-mail with their approval (which will have to be manually approved in Job Approvals) or approved online using the My Clients & Profits! X add-on web server.

Using My Clients & Profits! X for web-based approvals   The My Clients & Profits! X web server can automate the approval process for clients who approve job content. If enabled in preferences, Clients & Profits! X will copy the selected file from approval request to a user-defined FTP server. When the client receives the approval request e-mail, a special URL will point the person to a temporary web page that displays the approval request, a preview of the file (if it is a web graphic), and prompt the client to approve the request, approve with conditions or changes, or reject the request. The requestor will be notified via e-mail immediately once the client approves (or rejects) the request from the web page. My Clients & Profits! X will then kill the URL and delete the file from the FTP server.

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