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The Reassign Job Tickets window lets you change the traffic assignments (i.e., the people assigned to key production and creative roles) on a selected group of jobs

This window prompts you for the initials of the new people working on these jobs, then changes the traffic assignments in one step. Different people can be assigned to the jobs as production managers, traffic coordinators, creative directors, etc. This tool is useful when a creative team needs to be moved to the jobs of a different client.

To reassign the traffic assignments for a group of jobs

1 Choose Production > Production Planner.

2 Select the jobs you wish to change then click the reassign button.

The Reassign Jobs window opens, displaying the initials of the production and creative people currently assigned to these jobs. You're then prompted to enter the initials of the new traffic assignments.

3 Enter the initials of the new people who will be assigned to these jobs.

4 Click OK.

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