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The Reschedule Jobs window lets you postpone the start dates or due dates for a group of jobs in a single step.

This window will change the start dates or due dates for the jobs you've selected in the Production Planner. All of the jobs you've selected will get the same start date or due date. This tool is used to reschedule a group of new jobs that usually don't have task schedules yet; for this reason, the jobs' tasks are unaffected by the new start date or due date.

To reschedule the start or due dates for a group of jobs

1 Choose Production > Production Planner.

2 Select the jobs you wish to change then click the reschedule button.

The Reschedule Jobs window opens, prompting you to choose a new start date or due date for the jobs you selected.

3 Choose either due date or start date by clicking on the button, then enter the new date.

4 Click OK.

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