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A work order can be used as internal creative brief. Like creative briefs, a work order can have up to 15 topics/subjects that an account exec can use to describe the work being requested.

The work order's topics can be pre-defined as part of the job type/spec sheet, so that all jobs of the same type have the same work order topics. These topics aren't required; if none are entered, the work order will work like before. But if a work order has topics, it will print like the creative brief. The sketch/scan/photo appears on the printed work order.

Work Orders can also include a shipping address (which can be copied from the client's address) and a photo or sketch of the work being produced. The photo/sketch doesn't appear on the printed work order; instead, it's there for an on-line reference after the job is closed.

To edit the job's work order

Choose Production > Job Ticket to open the Job Ticket window.

From the Job Ticket window, find the job you wish to edit.

3 Click the Work Order/Job Request link (or choose Edit > Edit Job > Work Order).

The Work Order/Job Request window opens, showing the job request's topics, special instructions, and photo/sketch.

4 Make your changes.

5 Click Save.

To paste a graphic into the Photo/Sketch window

1 Open the graphic in Photoshop (or similar graphics program), then copy the graphic to your clipboard.

2 Return to Clients & Profits X. From the Job Ticket window, click the Work Order/Job Requests link.

The Work Order window will open.

3 Select the Sketch/Photo tab, then click inside the photo area and choose Edit > Paste. The graphic will appear in the Photo/Sketch field.

4 Click Save.

The graphic you've pasted will now appear in the Job Ticket window. If you never need to delete the image from the work order window, simply click inside of the picture field then choose Edit > Cut. Click save, and the graphic will no longer appear on the Job Ticket's work order.

To print a work order

1 From the Job Ticket window, choose File > Print > Print Reports, or click on the
print reports button.

The Print Job Reports window opens.

2 Select the
Work Order checkbox in the Print Job Production Reports list.

3 Click Print.

When account execs update the job's work order, it can be easily reprinted then distributed throughout the production department. Or, creatives can look up the job's work order from their own desk using Clients & Profits X.

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Does it matter what size the image is that goes into the photo box? I have tried it a couple of different ways and it seems that it slows down the program.

Dave Mar 15, 10:13 AM

Hi Dave

C&P will scale these images automatically, but it’s best to keep the images at “thumbnail” dimensions. Since the photo/sketch field is relatively close to 310 × 310 pixels, we suggest keeping your images within these parameters. Pasting hi-resolution graphics here only bloats your database and slows things down to a crawl.

Phil Apr 22, 01:40 PM
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