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Clients & Profits X Database Guide

The Clients & Profits X Database Guide is a complete do-it-yourself guide to maintaining, checking, and managing your C&P database.

You'll find easy-to-understand explanations about how the database works, why it can become damaged, and how to troubleshoot data problems. It's an essential resource for anyone who has to manage Clients & Profits. Read it online, or download the Acrobat version to print your copy. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to read and print the Clients & Profits X Database Guide.

Clients & Profits X Database Guide
(1 MB) Download the Acrobat-based Database Guide for Clients & Profits Classic X, C&P Pro X, and Job Tracker X.

New! View the Clients & Profits Database Guide online:

Database troubleshooting flow chart and worksheet
How to troubleshoot damaged data
8 database myths
9 common causes of database damage
How to repair a damaged database
How to export/import damaged data
Database troubleshooting FAQs
15 tips for preventing damaged data
Inside the Clients & Profits database
How to track a database's growth, change its size, and add a new segment
Tips to optimize Windows 95/98/NT for better performance and reliability

Note: The C&P Database Guide does not apply to SQL-based versions of Clients & Profits X, which has its own tools for managing the database.

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