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My Clients & Profits! X License Agreement

This License Agreement governs the sale, use, and support for a network installation of the My Clients & Profits! X web server for Clients & Profits.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before purchasing My Clients & Profits! X. Please initial the bottom of each page, or in the space provided. To order the My Clients & Profits! X web server, please sign and fax this license agreement to (760) 945-2365. Please call (800) 272-4488 with questions, or send e-mail to sales@cnp-x.com.

1. This License Agreement is an addendum to your Clients & Profits X license agreement

Unless specified below, the same terms and conditions from your Clients & Profits Classic X, Clients & Profits Pro X, or Job Tracker X software proposal/license agreement apply to My Clients & Profits! X.

2. What's Included

Clients & Profits
Worldwide ("we") will provide application software and documentation for the My Clients & Profits! web server add-on for Clients & Profits Classic X, Clients & Profits Pro X, Job Tracker X, or Clients & Profits X: Enterprise Edition via web-based download. Additional copies of the My Clients & Profits! X documentation is available at http://www.cnp-x.com/my/my_support.html as Adobe Acrobat PDF files, which can be printed for your own use only.

3. Cost

My Clients & Profits! X is a software application for accessing data from the shop's Clients & Profits database via the internet using standard web browsers. It is not a service or a subscription, and has no recurring fees or transaction charges. The $2,499 cost of the My Clients & Profits! X web server is a one-time cost. No trade-in credit on additional users. Sales tax is charged to California residents.

4. Usage

The My Clients & Profits! X web server provides access to a single Clients & Profits database. If a different database needs to be web-accessible, a separate My C&P! X web server (with its own hardware and IP address) need to be purchased and configured for it.

My Clients & Profits! X features a special web-enabled version of the C&P Player, which is required to run the My C&P! X web server. The C&P Player must be serialized with your existing Clients & Profits serial number. The My Clients & Profits! application takes one of the user "slots" in your C&P database, based on the number of users licensed to use Clients & Profits. (i.e., a 10-user serial number will allow 9 concurrent C&P users plus an unlimited number of web users).

Clients & Profits Worldwide
reserves the right to use an internet-based verification system to randomly notify us when My Clients & Profits! X is used.

5. Performance                                             

My Clients & Profits! X has no preset limit on the number of concurrent users; the number of concurrent users will be limited by hardware performance, network bandwidth constraints, and volume of work. Your actual user limit is based on the performance and capability of your web server, internet connection, and the internet connection for your remote users. Clients & Profits, Inc. makes no guarantee as to the performance of My Clients & Profits! X in your particular environment. The My Clients & Profits! X demo (available from the Clients & Profits web site) should be fully evaluated to ensure that it performs acceptably. The responsibility for choosing the appropriate hardware to match your needs, including backup devices, is solely up to you.

6. Product and Technical Support

Product and technical support for My Clients & Profits! X is provided under the terms in your Clients & Profits X software proposal/license agreement. Support for My C&P! is provided only as part of a current Clients & Profits X support subscription.

7. Security and Confidentiality

My Clients & Profits! X does not establish secure, encrypted connections between the server and its web users. While access to the shop's Clients & Profits database is restricted to authorized web users with valid passwords, Clients & Profits, Inc. can not guarantee its security or confidentiality.

8. Customizing My Clients & Profits! Web Pages

My Client & Profits! X web pages can be freely customized by any qualified web developer. All web pages need to have the following copyright statement in the HTML source code: <!--Part of the My Clients & Profits! X web server © Clients & Profits Worldwide,
All Rights Reserved--> . All My Clients & Profits! X web pages need to have the following copyright text at the bottom of each page: This page is part of the My Clients & Profits! X web server © Clients & Profits Worldwide, All Rights Reserved.



I (we) agree to license this version of My Clients & Profits! X according to the terms described above. I (we) also acknowledge that ALL SALES ARE FINAL. I (we) are also authorized to sign licensing agreements:

Organization: ______________________________________

Name: ____________________________________________

Title: _____________________________________________

Signature: ________________________________________

Date: _____________________________________________

A Corporate officer's signature is required to approve this license agreement

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