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What is My Clients & Profits?



The Acrobat-based My Clients & Profits! Spec Sheet (100k) describes
the web server's key features and functions.

Feature List
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Clients & Profits!


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the My Clients & Profits! web server with those found in Clients & Profits.


Get complete details about what you need to run a My Clients & Profits! web server.

How My C&P!

This white paper
describes in technical
terms how the My Clients
& Profits! web server interfaces with the C&P database.

My Clients & Profits! is a web server for your Clients & Profits database that allows anyone to manage jobs, track time and expenses, and more from Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or any web browser.

My Clients & Profits! is an add-on to Clients & Profits that allows creatives, account executives, and out-of-office staff members to track jobs, traffic, time, expenses, and more from anywhere in the world -- from any kind of computer. The My C&P! web server serves customizable web pages using real-time data from the Clients & Profits database. Users can add jobs, update status reports, enter hours on time cards, and track costs using only a web browser.

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How it works: The My C&P! web server acts as a "gateway" between the shop's Clients & Profits database and any number of Netscape or Internet Explorer users. A user opens their web browser, then logs onto the My C&P! server by entering a specified web address (such as "http://my.clientsandprofits.com"), their user ID, and their password. My C&P! verifies the user's ID and password, then displays a personalized "home" page. This home page contains links to the various client, job, and costing features available to them, as well as links to company and industry news, a company calendar, and an optional online company handbook. Major features include:

Major features include:

Job Tickets
- open jobs from any internet connection, anywhere

  • TRACK JOBS Browse through job tickets and their tasks. Or, pick a job ticket from the lookup list that lists all of the shop's open jobs. The Job Ticket web page looks like the job ticket window in Clients & Profits, so it will be familiar to anyone who's used it before. From the Job Ticket page you can view the job's billings, POs, costs, specs, snapshot, creative brief, WIP, and work order. Users with the right access privileges can add tasks to an open job ticket.

  • OPEN NEW JOBS New jobs can be opened for any client based on the user's access privileges. If a new job is given a job type/spec sheet, My Clients & Profits! will copy the template's tasks to the new job automatically.

  • VIEW ESTIMATES The Estimate web page shows the job's tasks and their budget and estimate amounts. An estimate's prior revisions can be reviewed by choosing the revision from the pop-up menu. Job estimates can be changed from the My C&P! web page.

  • CREATIVE BRIEFS A job's creative brief can be edited by anyone with the right access privileges.

  • CHANGE ORDERS The Change Orders web page lists a job's change orders. The details on an existing change order can be viewed by clicking on its line number. New change orders can be added any time, which update the job ticket instantly.

  • JOB DIARY The Job Diary logs changes to the job's status, estimate, and specifications. You can also quickly review a job's costs for one or more tasks from the Job Diary web page, as well as add a new diary entry.

Job Scheduling/Traffic - keep jobs up-to-date from any web browser

  • JOB SCHEDULES The start and due dates for a job's scheduling tasks can be entered, reviewed, and updated from the Job Schedule web page.

  • JOB TRAFFIC A job's milestones, production and billing status, status notes, and next steps can be updated from the job's traffic web page by anyone with the right access privileges.

  • DAILY JOB HOT SHEET Anyone who needs to can view the shop's Daily Job Status report from their web browser. Jobs can be selected by production status, just like the regular report printed from Clients & Profits. Users with the appropriate access privileges can update a job's production status code and status notes any time from the Daily Job Status web page.

  • WEEKLY TRAFFIC REPORT Anyone who needs to can view the shop's Weekly Traffic report from their web browser. Jobs can be selected by production status, just like the regular report printed from Clients & Profits. Users with the appropriate access privileges can update a job's traffic information from the Weekly Traffic Report web page.

  • WEEKLY TASK PLANNER Creatives and production staff can review the week's deadlines from job schedules any time.

  • WORK TO DO Creatives and production staff can keep track of unfinished job tasks for any range of start dates or due dates.

Job Costing - it's never been easier to track every job cost

  • TIME CARDS Staff members can enter their hours worked on a daily time card. Time from previous days can be reviewed but not edited (for better security). Production and creative staff working on location can enter time each day, keeping productivity and job cost reports up-to-the-minute accurate and timely.

  • TRACK EXPENSES Staff members can enter out-of-pocket expenses for travel, parking, in-house supplies, and more without manual expense forms. Since expense reports entered with My Clients & Profits! update jobs automatically, there's no double-entry by the accounting department.

  • TRACK INTERNAL CHARGES Enter expenses for internal charge items such as CD duplication, output, slides, and more without rekeying. Not available for Clients & Profits Classic users.

  • REVIEW POs Production, creative, and account service staffers can find and review purchase orders, broadcast orders, and print insertion orders and their details.

  • APPROVE POs Production managers can approve new purchase orders online. Not available for Clients & Profits Classic users.

Company Information - keep everyone up-to-date on company doings

  • LOOKUP LISTS Anyone using My Clients & Profits! can see lists of clients, jobs, staff members, vendors, production and billing status codes, tasks from the Task Table, groups, open purchase, broadcast, and insertion orders, job types/spec sheets, and client projects. They look just like the lookup lists in Clients & Profits -- and don't show private or proprietary information.

  • NEWS Custom company news pages can be created in FrontPage, GoLive, Dreamweaver, or any other HTML editor and served by the My Clients & Profits! web server. Staff members can keep up to date on new account wins, new hires, company milestones, and more from the shop's own private web site.

  • CALENDAR Important dates of upcoming meetings, events, trade shows, parties and more are available to anyone in the company from their web browser. Any number of calendar pages can be created in any web page editor and served by My Clients & Profits!

  • INDUSTRY NEWS These links keep the company's employees current on the big events in their industry -- all from a single home page.

  • LINKS Important or useful links to outside web pages can be included on the My C&P! home page. Standard links include the leading industry publications (e.g., Adweek, Advertising Age, HOW, Print, Communications Arts), the Clients & Profits web site, and (just for fun) the American Advertising Museum web site. These home page links are completely customizable.

  • COMPANY HANDBOOK Staff members can read all about employment benefits, policies, standards, and holidays from the online company handbook. The My C&P! home page can be customized to display links to any number of company-created employee handbook pages. Access to the company handbook, as with the rest of My C&P!, is restricted to authorized users only. The actual company handbook pages are not included.

  • COMPANY FORMS Employees can download expense reports, payroll change requests, insurance, and other forms any time they're needed. My Clients & Profits! provides the structure for serving company forms, but none of the actual forms are included.

Management Features - control and manage who's using My C&P!

User-based web-only access privileges enhance the standard privileges built into Clients & Profits, so controlling who can and can't access the C&P database is easy and secure.

A detailed log tracks every kind of hit to the My C&P! web server, including log-in errors.

An innovate "information center" window monitors the web server's activity, including charting the hourly volume of hits, and who accessed the server.

The My C&P! web administrator is notified automatically via e-mail on failed attempted log-ins as a security measure.

My C&P! web pages can be customized in Microsoft FrontPage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe PageMill, Claris HomePage, and any other web design and site management application.

The web server's pages are implemented in 100% HTML -- no plug-ins are required.

See My Clients & Profits! for yourself The online My Clients & Profits! online demo lets you view job tickets, track time, and more using a live sample database. Or, try the My Clients & Profits! web server with your existing Clients & Profits system with the free demo.

For more information, contact Clients & Profits Sales at (800) 272-4488.

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