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Clients Everything starts with clients. Or, to put it more accurately, nothing can happen without them. That's why client management is the foundation of My Clients & Profits! X.

Contacts It's all about people, so My Clients & Profits! X makes it easy to track each client's decision makes, influencers, busy-bodies, and those who take up space in meetings.

Proposals These mini-estimates provide a quick-and-dirty preview of a potential job for your client. They let you make a clear, written pitch for the work in only minutes.

Job Tickets Sure, clients are important. But jobs are the real foundation of My Clients & Profits! X. That's because without jobs, you've got nothing to do. The e-tastic job ticket tracks nearly everything you do, from estimates to billing -- and $$$.

Creative Briefs The creative brief explains your creative process to the client. It's used to put into writing your creative, production, and strategic goals for the work -- and to prevent problems caused by miscommunication later.

Estimates You can produce a printed estimate of a job’s costs every time in just minutes. So you'll have no more excuses for not estimating every job every time. (That is, unless you like surprising clients at billing time.)

Job Schedules The ability to coordinate hundreds of jobs and tasks used to be a feat of super-human mental strength. But not any more. That's because My Clients & Profits! X remembers all of your start dates and due dates so you don't have to.

Traffic Need to know what's going on? With My Clients & Profits! X, it's in there. Need a Daily Job Status report? It's there. How about weekly traffic report? It's there, too. Anytime, anywhere, and painfully up to date. Now you'll never miss a deadline unless you really want to.

Time Cards Everybody l-o-v-e-s time cards, right? Of course they don't! But if can't bill your time, you don't get paid. That's why My Clients & Profits! X's web-based time card make tracking hours fast and (comparatively) painless. Your billable hours go where they're supposed to -- and never go unbilled.

Job Costs Everything you buy from vendors and suppliers is tracked by My Clients & Profits! X with jobs and tasks. That's why you can see what you spent -- including your markups -- on a job in seconds.

Expense Reports Adding expenses reports is almost as fun as doing a time card. But unless you bill the client for your expenses, you're eating them. Using My Clients & Profits! X to track expenses guarantees they'll be billed -- every time.

Billing Hot Sheets You'll never skip a billing with My Clients & Profits! X's billing hot sheet. With just a few clicks you see every job that needs to be billed -- one click then creates detailed client invoices instantly.

Invoices My Clients & Profits! X prints professionally-designed client invoices that summarize each job's hours, job costs, out-of-pocket expenses. Invoices can be simple or detailed, depending on your client's needs. You can even print "aging" reports that keep you on top of your deadbeat clients.

Snapshot Reports Everything you'd ever want to know about your jobs, costs, and billings are a few clicks away. These reports are updated in real-time, so you'll always know how productive and profitabile (or not) you really are.

Users Everyone you work with can access (with the appropriate privileges, that is) clients, jobs, traffic, time cards, expense reports, etc. anywhere there's an internet connection. New users can be added in minutes.

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