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How to order My Clients & Profits!

My Clients & Profits! is the only way to web-enable your Clients & Profits database. It offers remote access to clients, jobs, traffic, time, and costs to any staff member, freelancer, vendor or client from any web browser.

The My Clients & Profits! web server allows creatives, account executives, and out-of-office staff members to track jobs, traffic, time, expenses, and more from anywhere in the world -- from any kind of computer.

My Clients & Profits! Pricing
  • Price The My Clients & Profits! X web server for Clients & Profits Classic X, Clients & Profits Pro X, and Job Tracker X costs $2,495. My Clients & Profits! X for Clients & Profits SQL X costs $4,995.

  • What's Included You'll get the The My Clients & Profits! web server software for Windows and Mac on CD, a printed Administrator's Guiide, and 10 full-color printed User Guides. Any number of web-based users can access your Clients & Profits database. There is no per-user charge.

  • Support 15% of software cost annually

  • Availability The My Clients & Profits! web server is available now for Windows and Macintosh.

System Requirements
- what you'll need to run My Clients & Profits!
  • Web Server Hardware My Clients & Profits! requires a stand-alone Pentium 4 or better PC running Windows or a Power Macintosh G4 or better with at least 256mb of RAM and 20mb of free hard disk space (no additional space is needed for the Clients & Profits database, since it isn't stored on the web server; instead, My C&P! accesses the database from your existing file server via your network). Click here for system recommendations.

    NOTE: For performance reasons, the web server should not be shared with other applications, such as a standard HTTP server or a mail server.

  • LAN My C&P! X requires a local area network running TCP/IP. The My C&P! X web server also needs a permanent connection to the file server that contains the Clients & Profits database.

  • Internet Connection A full-time, high-speed connection (DSL, cable, T1, etc.) is recommended for best performance. Slower internet connections will work, but will support fewer concurrent users. The My C&P! web server also needs a fixed IP address.

  • Web Browsers The My Clients & Profits! web server can be accessed by any web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari on any computer (e.g., Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.) with an internet connection. My C&P! is optimized for Safari. Firefox is compatible but has some JavaScript-based limitations.

  • Clients & Profits My Clients & Profits! X requires Clients & Profits Classic 10.x, Clients & Profits Pro 10.x, or Job Tracker 10.x. A special client/server version for Oracle8 or Microsoft SQL Server is available for Clients & Profits SQL.

Important Information
- things you should know about My Clients & Profits!
  • How it Works The My C&P! web server acts as a "gateway" between the shop's Clients & Profits database and any number of Netscape or Internet Explorer users. A user opens Netscape or Explorer then logs onto the My C&P! server by entering a specified web address (such as "http://my.clientsandprofits.com), their user ID, and their password. My C&P! verifies the user's ID and password, then displays a personalized "home" page. This home page contains links to the various client, job, and costing features available to them, as well as links to company and industry news, a company calendar, and an optional online company handbook. The My C&P! web server serves customizable web pages using real-time data from the Clients & Profits database. Users can add jobs, update status reports, enter hours on time cards, and track costs using only a web browser.

  • Performance While the My Clients & Profits! web server should work on a wide variety of existing hardware, it's performance on any specific configuration is not guaranteed. There is no artificial limit on how many users can access the My Clients & Profits! web server. The actual number of concurrent users supported by My C&P! is based on the ability of your hardware, network, and internet connection to handle the volume.

  • Users Since the My C&P! web server needs a constant connection to the shop's Clients & Profits database, it counts as one concurrent user. For example, if you have a 10-user version of Clients & Profits and install My C&P!, you will now have 9 "slots" available for users.

  • Security Web pages from the My Clients & Profits! web pages can only be accessed by users who log in with a valid ID and password. My Clients & Profits! does not support SSL, so it can't establish secure connections between the web server and a user's browser. User web passwords should be changed frequently to prevent unauthorized users from seeing the shop's web pages. While the information in your web pages are reasonably safe from unauthorized access, it is possible for data from your web pages to be "sniffed" while moving through the internet. Clients & Profits, Inc. will not be held liable for security breaches of your My C&P! web server.

  • Support Technical support for My Clients & Profits! will be limited to questions about installing, setting up, running, and managing the My C&P! web server. The C&P Helpdesk can offer only limited help for troubleshooting network, internet, and system problems involving My Clients & Profits! In addition, the C&P Helpdesk does not provide technical support for TCP/IP, Windows, networks, or for configuring your server hardware or network.

  • Updates/Upgrades Software updates are included for as long as you use My Clients & Profits! and have a current Clients & Profits support subscription. Upgrades may be offered for an additional charge.

  • Free My Clients & Profits! Demo The online demo of My Clients & Profits! is available from the Clients & Profits web site. You can connect to an actual My C&P! web server from your web browser, log on as a sample user, then try out the server's different client, job, time, and costing web pages. A trial demo is available for Windows and Mac that you can try on your own system (requires an existing Clients & Profits system).

  • Order Today The license agreement explains important terms and conditions for running the Clients & Profits web server and is required before purchasing My Clients & Profits! To order My Clients & Profits! call (800) 272-4488

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