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Using the My Clients & Profits! Online Demo

Print this page before using the My Clients & Profits! web server online demo

This online demo is the actual My Clients & Profits! web server software. It will let you browse through the client, job, and cost pages served by My Clients & Profits! as well as find clients, open new jobs, update traffic, and add time. The online demo is fully functional.

In the real agency, only authorized staff members can use My Clients & Profits! web server. For demo purposes you'll need to log onto the web server as one of the staffers in the sample database (choose one from the list of "Example Users" below).

The password for each staff member is "my".

Here's what you can do with the My C&P! online demo:

  • View a job ticket
  • Open a new job ticket
  • See the Daily Job Status report
  • Update a job's traffic information
  • Review a job's diary
  • Edit a job's creative brief and work order
  • Add new tasks to a job ticket
  • Add a change order
  • Check out the job's Snapshot
  • Edit a job task
  • Use the lookup list to find a client, job, status code, or client project
  • View a job's costs
  • Enter hours onto a time card
  • Enter expenses into an expense report
  • View newly-added purchase orders

To use the My Clients & Profits! online demo:

1 Click this link: http://my.clientsandprofits.com

2 When the Introduce Yourself page appears, enter a staff member's initials (see below) then press Tab.

3 Enter the password "my" (which works for all staff initials), then click the "Go" button.

The staff member's personalized Home page opens, displaying the functions available to them.

4 Click on any button on the Home page to access a My Clients & Profits! web page.

About the demo database: This My C&P! online demo is connected to a sample Clients & Profits database which contains fictional clients, staff members, jobs, costs, and billings running on a Windows 2000 server. This database has been used for training, so isn't a truly accurate example of an actual Clients & Profits database. While it is incomplete in many areas, the database has enough data to illustrate how My Clients & Profits! can work as web server.

Get more information: The What is My Clients & Profits? page describes the features and benefits of the My Clients & Profits! web server.

Example Staff Members - only these authorized users can use the My C&P! demo

  • AK ("Allan Koontz") is an account executive who can access clients, jobs, and POs but not update job schedules, traffic, or production status. Log onto My C&P! as "AK" to look up job tickets, add some hours to his time card, and review the web-based job reports.

  • BAT ("Barbara Templeton") is a creative who can only access jobs and time cards. Log onto the My C&P! web server as "BAT" to check some jobs and enter some time.

  • GG ("Gayle Green") is a production supervisor who can access jobs, traffic, schedules, and purchase orders. "GG" has full access to jobs, schedules, and traffic.

  • BEN ("Bea Noonan") is an art director who can access time cards, but has an expired account. Try logging in as "BEN" to see what happens when someone with an expired account tries to access My Clients & Profits!

  • CL ("Cathy Lewis ") works for American Bios/Integrated Systems, one of the shop's clients. Try connecting to My Clients & Profits! as "CL" to see how a client can see their own jobs but nothing else.

Example Clients - open jobs from any internet connection, anywhere

  • SED ("SED Galaxy Studios") is a fictitious video game developer. Jobs for SED include package design, collateral, signage, and newsletters.

  • ABI ("American Bios") is a fictitious hi-tech company that makes communications products.

  • ITP ("Int'l Performance") is a fictitious maker of computer network equipment.

  • ENG ("Corporate Engineering & Services") is a fictitious new account.

Example Job Tickets - keep jobs up-to-date from any web browser

  • SED-131 is a typical print production job that has an estimate, costs, and billings.

  • ABI-116, ABI-120 are two good examples that show how Clients & Profits keeps detailed traffic and schedule information on the job ticket.

  • ABI-139 is a typical product packaging job with lots of change orders.

  • BEN-107 is a brochure production job with a fine example of a creative brief.

  • ITP-123, ITP-185 are two good examples of advertising job tickets. ITP-123 has some example change orders, while ITP-185 features a detailed job schedule.

  • DMF-131, DMF-140 are two examples of traditional brochure and catalog production jobs.

  • REE-111 is an advertising production job for a fictitious electronics company. This job has an excellent example of a job schedule.

Example Orders - view any purchase, broadcast, or insertion order

  • 2502, 2556 are examples of common purchase orders.

  • 50006, 50009, 9001 are examples of print insertion orders.

  • 50017 is an example of a typical broadcast media order.

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