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Great reports you're
probably not using

With over 300 reports in Clients & Profits, you’ve probably found a half dozen reports that you love and use all the time.Here are five more to add to your repertoire —and save you tons of time.

Unbilled Insertion & Broadcast Orders This report is indispensable if you bill a lot of media orders and need to quickly know what’s currently unbilled. The report prints by client and publication, making it so easy to check on unbilled orders.

Media Reconciliation A wonderfully concise and detailed auditing report that ensures each order has been fully processed from media, job costing, billing, and income perspectives. The report prints by client or publication, showing what’s been ordered, actual costs, A/R and A/P invoice numbers, and whether or not the invoices are paid.

Audit Trail This report finds every transaction posted to the General Ledger that refers to the same job, client, or vendor. If you need to track down job amounts, this report will save you hours!

Comparative Budget vs. Actual If you’re not yet budgeting your job costs, income, and expenses—get busy because your competition is! Get into budgeting the easy way by basing this year’s budget amounts on last year’s actuals. Click on the Budget Worksheet in your Chart of Accounts window to automatically create a budget based on the previous year's amounts. You can compare your budget to the actuals any time.

Job Cost Transfers This weekly report is a great way to keep informed about where costs came from (or went to) without having to track down each one individually. You can review job cost transfers for any date range.

By Mindy Williams

Agency accountability is the newest buzzword for an old-fashioned idea: Doing an honest day’s work. With Clients & Profits storing all the details, it’s easy to make sure that everyone is working optimally.
Missing Time report Print this report on Tuesday afternoon of the current week and see who hasn’t added all of their required hours. Remind (read: E-mail, yell at, whatever) staffers with missing time to enter their hours. Give them until Thursday morning to wise up ... or else!
Missed Deadlines See which finished tasks missed their due dates. Since this report also shows who was responsible for getting the task done, you can see which staffers continually miss deadlines. Remember, though, that it may not be their fault. Maybe the scheduler isn’t allowing enough days for the work to be done. If so, make some adjustments to future schedules.
Billing Recap by AE Find out how much income each AE is adding to the

bottom line with the billing recap report. This report summarizes billings by account executive for any date range with a percentage of total billings for each one.
AE/Team Projected vs. Actual Gross Margin See which AEs are billing the total estimate and how close budgeted costs are to actuals. If an AE is continually exceeding the estimate/budget amounts, maybe they need some guidance ... to the door.
Team/Staff Productivity Take a look at the percentage of utilization (total vs. billable hours) for each staffer by AE/Team and see how well an AE controls the work done by their team.
You can never know too much when it concerns whether or not your staffers are working at their peak efficiency. These five reports do scrutinize employees, but staffers won’t mind if they’re doing their jobs right.

Mindy Williams is a senior member of the Clients & Profits support team.


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